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4 Disruptive Trends to Watch Out for in 2015

There are certain events that happen in marketing that change the face of the way business is conducted forever.For example, in 2004 who could have guessed that a software program invented by a geeky undergraduate in a Harvard University dorm room designed to make it easier to meet girls would have such a profound effect […]

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Is It 2011 All Over Again with Newest Google Update?

Many Internet marketers remember February 2011 very clearly. It was when Google rolled out its Panda update, which instantly changed the way websites were ranked by the Internet search engine giant’s algorithm. Will Googles latest update – that rolled out starting on April 21 -cause the same amount of angst and teeth-gnashing? Possibly. Mobile-Friendly Algorithm […]

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Is Email (Finally) Dead?!?

For years, people in the tech industry have been predicting (or lamenting) the death of email as a form of communication. “Kids don’t use email anymore.” “There are better, faster and more effective ways to interact with other people, such as texting and social media.” “I know people who don’t even have an email address.” […]

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How Important Are Reviews to Conversion?

It’s no secret that most people today use their mobile devices to search for the products and services they want. Recommendations from their social media contacts are important, but even more influential are the reviews that accompany product descriptions on Amazon, Yelp!, eBay and other popular sites. How important are reviews in the online decision […]

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