Down and Dirty Super Fast Method of List Building and Monetization in IM

One of the biggest advantages people working in the Internet Marketing field have is some of the resources available, such as JVZoo and Solo Ads.

And when you combine these two in the method I’m about to show you, even a novice can be aggressively building his or her list in less than a week.

If you want to build a list fast, the key is to buy targeted traffic. Yet this presents its own problem – you’re having to spend money just to list build.

But if you can make a one time offer to your new subscribers that pays you immediately, then you can ramp your efforts without going too far out of pocket. You get payments straight into your Paypal account that you can then roll right back into buying more traffic from solo ads.

Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

You create a free offer and a squeeze page. You buy solo ads to send immediate traffic to your squeeze page. Visitors sign up to your list, and then are immediately offered a one time offer. This one time offer is something that pays you immediately (think JVZoo, Warrior, etc.) You get paid directly into your Paypal account. You then take that money and use it to buy more solo ads.

Now here’s the twist – you don’t work it in logical order. It seems like after you create your freebie offer (lead magnet) you then build your squeeze page and look for something to use as the OTO.

But instead, you’re going to go to JVZoo FIRST. Find not just one, but three similar products that all meet these criteria:

  • They pay 75%-100% commission
  • They convert at 5% or better
  • They’re priced between $7 and $17

Once you’ve found three similar products (for example, 3 traffic generation products, 3 similar plugins, 3 list building programs, etc.) then you’re going to create your lead magnet, based on these products.

You want to create the perfect lead in. In the case of traffic generation products, it could be “5 Free Methods for Easy Traffic Generation,” or “The Simple Trick That Doubled My Traffic Overnight.”

Notice you are building your lead magnet based on the products – this is easier than creating a lead magnet and then trying to find products that are a good follow up to the lead magnet and meet the criteria above.

You can even use key points from each product to create your lead magnet. Just be sure not to plagiarize and not to give away the real meat of the products.

In your link tracking software, set up a three way split test. This will automatically rotate each of your one time offers in sequence.

Then you can tell from your JVZoo stats which converted the best, because you’re not selling these products anywhere else.

NOTE: The product that converted the best is not necessarily the winner. For example, if you made 8 sales of a $9 product (conversion is 8% on 100 clicks) and 5 of a $17 product, (conversion is 5%) Then you made $72 on the product that converted at 8%, but you made $85 on the product that only converted at 5%.

Clearly you should continue to promote the $17 product, correct? Yes. And no. If your goal is to build a list of buyers as fast as possible, you might want to stick with the $9 product. It’s a judgment call. Personally I would promote the $17 product so I had more profits to roll into even more solo ads.

But choosing to build your list of buyers faster isn’t a bad idea, either, since buyers are worth exponentially more than freebie seekers.

Another factor to consider is any upsells and whether or not those convert.

Remember, you’re capturing these new leads before they go to the OTO, so you’re never in danger of losing them. Your lead magnet is custom tailored to the products, so your OTO’s should convert well.

And you can continue rolling profits into more solo ads to build your list really, really fast.

None of this is new or earth shattering. Yet I see so many new marketers floundering because they try to over complicate everything.

If you want to set up your own sales funnel with your own products, you’re looking at weeks and possibly months to get it all set up. And then your products may or may not sell.

But by using this method, you can begin building your list within days. You can be as aggressive in building your list as you like, since you only need to continue to roll profits over to get new subscribers.

And it takes very little experience or expertise to set this system up.

Plus you have no support hassles and no customer service to worry about. That’s all up to the product seller, which frees you up to focus on your list.

Bottom line, it’s perfect for beginners who want to quickly get their feet wet in the online marketing field.

One last thing, and I’m sure I don’t need to spell this out, but just in case… be ready.

Once you start building that list, you want to be sending out emails right away before your leads go cold. This means sending a friendly, personable email most every day to warm up your list. Give them little nuggets of great info, entertain them, and don’t forget to SELL them stuff.

And yes – it really can be that easy to very quickly begin building a 4-5 figure income per month.

NEXT LEVEL: Once you have this system in place, it’s time to tweak and scale up to higher levels.

You might…

  • Custom tailor your lead magnet to perfectly fit the winning product from your test above
  • Test everything. Optimize everything. Get your squeeze page converting at 50% or better. Monitor the OTO to make sure it continues to convert. If it doesn’t, replace it with something better.
  • Tweak your follow up sequence to maximize the sales you make within the first 30 days
  • Create your own product along the same lines, along with a corresponding upsell, for even greater profits

Do these thing in order, and by the third item you should be generating significant profits with each solo ad.

Now is the time to truly ramp up. Instead of sending 100 clicks at a time, send 1,000 clicks.

For example, let’s say the 100 clicks is costing you $75. You’re making $50-100 back on the OTO sales, and another $400 or so on the follow up emails you send for the next 30 days.

This means every 100 clicks is earning you $375 or more over 30 days.

What do you do now?


Sorry, I get excited because I see marketers go out and make a profitable funnel, and then never ramp it up. And I don’t get it.

If you make $375 on 100 clicks, why not send 1,000 clicks? And why not do it as often as possible?

And we’re not even including profits earned after that first 30 days, either.

There is a tremendous amount of money to be made.

But the first step is to GET STARTED.

Don’t be one of these wannabe marketers who says, “Someday blah blah blah.”

Instead, in the words of Nike, “Just. Do. It.” Today.

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