Does WP Spy Blocker Actually Work?

If you’d like to hide your WordPress themes and plugins from your competitors or hackers this new plugin called WP Spy Blocker may help!

It’s good to have something like this in your arsenal, of course, in case you use WordPress. I watched the demo/sales video where Andy shows you how the theme can be detected and also how after you activate the plugin – most of the WP detecting sites show nothing.. or even doesn’t think it’s a WP site…

Good, it’s almost perfect  like you see here, I used

or here… where I used

But still it’s not 100% perfect when I used

Again, it’s good to have something like this – at least you would make it much harder for some hackers to get all the information on your themes- the more obstacles you can get before them – the better!

Get WP Spy Blocker here!

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