Easy Puzzle Publishing Profits

I’m excited to share this with you! This niche is hugely popular, just look at this:

  • The adult books in this niche sold more than 8.5 million copies in the United States in 2014
  • The same year, children’s books sold over 12 million copies, an increase of approximately 33% from the previous year
  • These books consistently rank in the top 1% of all books sold on Amazon

Inside Puzzle Publishing Profits, Amy covers from A-Z on how to create a profitable puzzle book. Inside you will learn everything you need to know, from getting ideas, content, how to create your puzzle and where to publish them. My favourite Part is on page 54 under the promoting section of Puzzle Publishing Profits, where Amy shares a Ninja trick on how to get your initial book reviews. I’m sure anyone who get this will love it!
~Arcadius Derrick

Puzzle Publishing Profits reveals:

  • Why Puzzle books are so profitable..and why these books sell millions of copies and readers buy these over and over again
  • The types of puzzles that sell
  • How to identify and tap into powerful buying triggers that make readers buy your book
  • Where and how to find puzzles for your book
  • How to create puzzles instantly at the push of a button
  • How to use free content to create unique puzzles
  • How to convert browsers into buyers
  • Where your puzzle buyers are hanging out and how to easily reach them!
  • And much more!

Puzzle Publishing Profits is the best guide I’ve seen to date that covers how to break into the puzzle book business. And in case you’re wondering, NO – puzzle books are not the “next big thing.” Instead it’s a market that’s already been around long enough to stand the test of time. Puzzle books have been around much longer than “coloring books for grown-ups” and people buy them over and over again. (I do!) And as a book publisher, they can be one of the easiest to create, provided you know how. Amy’s training will show you the how. I highly recommend it!
~Teresa Miller

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