Enough Of CRAP!

I don’t like someone’s pushing products and not checking it before promoting! I’ve had enough – I bought this product Social Media Income – with PLR rights – promising a great quality with editable WORD files… and with killer sales letter!

I don’t say I’m not using it – but without buying the UPGRADE which was the OTO for another bucks – it’s useless! Because the PLR version WORD files are just some screenshot of the videos – it’s basically a transcript of it – showing and talking about the videos…

Now imagine my customer buy this – and read the transcripts… Look for how that looks:

What do you think?

I just need to get the UPGRADE (with the actual videos) to sell the product!

To tell you the truth I’m disappointed by such PLR providers… because it’s not working like it should be… when I see this from my buyer’s point of view – I would be asking for a refund!

THEREFORE  you have a chance to get the FRONT END offer – the transcripts ALONG with the videos for a small price here!

Even worst is the thing that many marketers promoted this like Marlon Sanders says “Great deals like this don’t come all the time, and when it does… you know you have to seize it!” or “Seriously, this is an absolute no-brainer.”.. Pardon me???

If you’d like to see the original sales letter here it is! And here’s the excuse me “killer” sales letter. The only thing that prevents me for asking for a refund – is that I or you can use some information from this course!

And by the way, you can see the stats of marketers who are eagerly waiting for their commissions here – without ever checking the product themselves! You decide. Who to trust??

P.S. It doesn’t matter if the guy that released this product used to release good quality products before… because ALWAYS there’s a potential customer behind and he needs to find the value! Not with just 1 products, 10 products… but even if you release/launch your 100th product!

Update: last time I checked this is the list of marketers that don’t value the relationship with their customers enough – they prefer friendship with other marketers and follow the saying:

You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours!

Position Name
#1 Aurelius Tjin
#2 Henry Gold
#3 Sajan Elanthoor & Justin Opay
#4 Paul Counts
#5 Kim Udell
#6 Tiffany Lambert
#7 Jeff Wellman
#8 Internet Marketing Mozie
#9 The Filipino Beast
#10 Charles and Laurel Harper

None of them mentioned the FE (front end) offer is actually useless without OTO!

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