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There has been this new software released called Fast Traffic Bot. First I thought it will be something similar to what I saw few years back – programs and scripts that were half-done and half-working, causing troubles or not functioning at all…



I was wrong… I downloaded this software (it’s for Windows only) and followed the instructions in the read me file. It seems it’s so intuitive I didn’t have to check quite comprehensive and detailed manual – and it runs!

If you know something about safe list sites, you can skip this and go ahead – download the software and run it.

Safe list site are full of members that are actively looking for advertising – and are ready to receive ads from other members… actually they’re forced to read or check out the websites, usually for 20 seconds or so… and then they’re credited for each advertisement they saw/checked out.

Then if they have enough credits – they send their own advertisement in a form of an email they send from the members area of each safe list site.

The process of reading all the ads, websites, offers is quite demanding, you’ll have to click and watch many sites and offers…. so it usually takes lots of time to do that.

That’s where the Fast Traffic Bot comes!

It looks inside your emails, opens them and “clicks” the links for you.. then it shows the page and deletes the emails.. and you’re credited without watching or clicking it yourself!

The only thing you have to do – and you’ll be happy to do – is to send emails from each safe list site you joined – and get traffic to your offers!

All the tedious tasks are automated by the software.

Last time – while working on other things – I let it run on background – and the software successfully clicked and watched 91 sites!

It brought me hundreds of credits to use for my own emails!

Wow. That’s huge saving of time, don’t you think?

fast traffic bot progress

fast traffic bot progress

As I said – this software works – almost perfectly. I say almost because I don’t use the decaptcha gates and some emails are not working with it.

But what else is cool about this? It is updated regularly – when you run it you’ll see there are updates to it – and I already run version 1.2.3. Being said that – the support is excellent!

You can get Fast Traffic Bot here for the lowest price.
(and it’s super affordable)


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