Got At Least Basic Web Hosting? Install This Complete Site for Free!

Today the price for just simple or basic web hosting is less than ten bucks per month.. so it’s not that big investment anymore.

And if you’re “scared” of installing and running a WordPress blog – then this is for you, because WordPress is NOT needed! 🙂

Take a look at this simple site consisting of articles and ads: Online Income Ideas

It took me just a few minutes to upload several files and change the settings. You’re going to get instructions how to easily change the settings – you only work in your browser.

You can display Google AdSense ads, ClickBank Ads and you can even build your own list of subscribers! I embeded an Aweber form code easily and tested it successfully.

I think this is great especially for newbies: every month you’re getting new site with content – so in a year you have 12 complete websites earning for you! Sure, the one thing you still need to do is to promote the sites.

And the best thing about this? You’re getting complete website each month for FREE!

Where? Here!

(if you’re looking for a good reliable but cheap web hosting, here’s a resource what I personally use.)


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