Grow Up & Stop Stealing Photos!

For obvious reasons, stock photos are the next best thing to creating costly marketing videos for your business… Yet they are much more affordable than videos! No wonder EVERYONE still uses them.

But there’s a catch! The big problem that makes most stock photo users wary of using them. OVERUSE!!!

Everyday, millions of bloggers, internet marketers, creative agencies and everyone in between use and recycle the same copyright-free photos making their websites, blogs, e-commerce sites, ads and business look boring, generic and, at worst, spammy!

And how about using a free image (at least you thought it’s free) and getting a letter threatening a lawsuit? One copywriter had to pay $4,000 for a $10 photo!

But you don’t have to hurt your business like that!

Get extended developers license to 1000 UNIQUE Royalty-Free High Definition Fresh Stock Photos for just $0.02 per photo!

The guys captured these images with their Sony Alpha 6000 camera so you can sleep soundly knowing that you have the correct license to a huge collection of fresh stock photos!

Here’s where to get this licensed pack of Fresh Stock Images for under $10!

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