“In-Stream Video Pitch Technology” Monetizes ANY Video

We all now how hot video is right now. Chances are, you most likely own one of the many “video makers” and various video templates released in recent months.

Congratulations…you have what it takes to make pro level videos now.


…are you actually using these fancy new videos you’ve been making to increase sales and conversions in your business?

I mean, that’s what it all comes down to right?

So listen up, I just found something that’s gonna help turn those fancy videos into an instant increase in sales:

My friend Peter Beattie just released a brand new video player designed to jack up sales, leads and conversions on your most CRITICAL videos.

But WAIT…it’s not just “another video player”.

It’s called “Video Ad Rival” and runs on something he calls “In Stream Video Pitch Technology”.

See Video Ad Rival in action here!

With Video Ad Rival you can finally start generating REAL PROFITS from your videos by cloning the video marketing tactics of the biggest and most profitable websites online today.

Finally, you can join the ranks of sites like cnn.com, huffingtonpost.com, espn.com, forbes.com, youtube.com and many more.

All of the big guys have been using this video monetization strategy for years, and have been banking big in the process.

The problem is, the technology they use has only ever been available to big corporations with deep pockets.

“Video Ad Rival” finally puts this same powerful video technology in the hands of the average marketer – people like you and I.

Peter’s currently running a special 51% OFF launch discount and will soon be doubling the price.

Make sure you grab it now before that happens!

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