Is VydioX For You? You Got To Be Kidding Me!

I’m sure you’ve already heard about VydioX I’m sure you’ll notice that the software is presented like a fully automated 1-click cloud based solution.

The thing is that it looks like it’s an advantage to have this software running from cloud (inside your web browser) – but do you have complete control over it?


Because it’s run on someone else’s server – you can’t really control this and you don’t know how long the service/software will last! Please be warned about this.

Also, they say – they handle the hosting of your video sites for you.

Well, how would you like to have your sites as subdomains of someone else’s domain?

Now when you promote your new video site – are you okay with the fact you’re promoting the main domain which is not yours? Not a good thing.

Have you seen the sites the software creates?

Go ahead and take a look. If you fancy the looks – then go ahead and buy it. But please read my comments above. I’ve seen much better video sites based on WordPress that you can fully control!

I thought I just let you know about the CONs of this cloud software, if you’d like to read only the fantastic PROs – read the sales letter and the sales video by Todd Gross- there are tons of them!

(I like Todd as a marketing guy and actor – but I’m getting little tired of his latest and always greatest stuff he promotes!)

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