Latest Stuff I HAD to Buy!

If you’re with me for some time, you already know I buy LOTS of stuff. I like to test the products I buy and if it’s good I’ll make sure you know about it! 🙂

This week brought some gems to me… so here’s what is at least checking out!

  • SpeakEz APP – this is a wonderfully executed online software (it means you can run it in your browser making it indepedent from your PC’s operating system). The application turns your blogs (site’s) text into an audio… so not only your site’s visitors can read what you have to say – but also they can listen to you as well!I’m going to use SpeakEz for converting my PLR articles into audios – that’s what their PRO version gives you!

    Download SpeakEz Here!

  • Jackpot PLR How about using the SpeakEz for converting this MEGA HUGE pack of quality PLR?? Can you see how to best use the stuff you buy? I’m not going to let the PLR be covered with digital dust, no way!It took me a while to download this super PLR package – it’s around 7GB!! of goods you can edit, adapt, change and sell for 100% profits! Don’t hesitate to grab it – if you at least a bit care about getting your own products WITHOUT creating them yourself!

    Download PLR Jackpot while it’s super affordable!

  • AutoVidProfit or how to create your video site under 59 secs?You know what? I love automating things and tasks! This new WordPress plugin will serve you as a super robot working for you 24/7.

    It gets content from YouTube (or more video sites with PRO version). Then makes blog posts making it ready for your ads (Amazon) and automatically growing for you on autopilot! Just choose your niche keywords … you can customize settings as well.

    AutoVidPrifit includes also a WP theme – so no need to hunt the themes manually.

    If such automated site will bring you just $1/day or $30/month – how many would you build? Especially when it’s hand-free after the initial setting???

    Check out AutoVidProfit Here!

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