How I Make $5,000 a Month with Private Label Rights Products

What’s PLR?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. When you purchase a PLR product, you are free to do whatever you want with it (for the most part) it’s like YOU are the creator of the product!

Depending on where you purchased your PLR from, there may be different rights, so please read terms and conditions before you buy. Some authors may tell you that you can’t sell the product as is or that you can’t transfer rights to another person, etc.

PLR articles are the most popular type of PLR product, but you can also find sites that sell PLR audio, e-books, graphics, keyword lists, videos, and software.

Where to find quality PLR products

I get most of my PLR products from monthly memberships sites. These are the ones that I use and recommend:

    Is self-help focused PLR membership site run by Ronnie Nijmeh. I can’t imagine running my own self-help related blog without his top quality material. Here’s a free self-help PLR sample to download.
  • Resell Rights Weekly
    Site is run by Mark Austin, it offers literally thousands of products with PLR and Master Resell Rights! Even with free membership level – you will be able to download hundreds of products to work with. I’ve never see any membership site of this type updated so often than this one! Includes also helpful forum to ask any questions.
  • Monthly Content
    With just $1 access you’ll be able to download Giga Bytes of great quality PLR content, Resell Rights and Personal Usage stuff! The site is run by Ryan Even and includes web hosting for your site.
    The site I joined just 2 years ago provides tons of PLR/MRR content, but lacks support if there’s a broken link. The advantage is low price when you’d like to upgrade.
  • PLR Minimart
    PLR Minimart is run by Tiffany Dow (ex-Lambert) and contains hundreds of great quality articles from many niches! Some of the articles are bundled in big packages containing also PLR ebooks and graphics. You can find something that suits you from Weight Loss to psychology topics. All is there.
  • Jimmy D Brown’s PLR
    Jimmy’s site is a wonderful resource of high quality PLR that actually doesn’t need to be re-written! It’s that good! I’ve bought almost ALL stuff he offers – so I know what caliber exactly it is.
  • Nitro Wealth PLR
    The site is run by Aurelius Tjin. The more I buy from him, the better the packages are! All is included, so you can just do minor edits and upload the product – and you’re ready to sell!

*TIP* – To get free or near free PLR products I do four things:

I ask people on forums if they have any PLR products laying around on their hard drive that they could give me for free or for a few dollars via Paypal. Believe it or not this actually works.

Many marketers have loads of PLR stuff they aren’t using. Trading. I’ll setup trades for say 10 PLR articles on gardening for 10 articles of a different niche. Join email lists of all the PLR sites you can think of. Most of them will give you free articles for joining their list!

My PLR Techniques

PLR Technique #1 Websites and Blogs

This is probably one of the more obvious techniques to use when faced with a digital folder of PLR articles. I use WordPress to setup a blog, then I have someone copy and paste the articles in future posts. I start with about 20 articles and have 1 article automatically posted every week for a total of 20 weeks of content. Depending on the niche, I’ll mix in articles from article directories to create more content.

With this technique alone I bring in over $3,000 per month from Adsense and affiliate products. I have just over one hundred blogs. Tools: WordPress

*TIP* Does 100 blogs sound outrageous to you? I know marketers with thousands of blogs! The key is to outsource your blog building and management to hourly workers. This is not something I recommend doing at first. Start with a few blogs and get the hang of the process before duplicating.

PLR Technique #2 Create a Report or Ebook

Creating a short report or ebook is easier than you may think, especially when you have a good starting point (PLR articles). Use Open Office to type up your ebook and then turn it into a PDF file using the same program. You may want to jazz it up a bit with a custom cover as well.

I’ve been able to create a niche ebook in just a few hours from PLR articles and then turn around and sell it for $20 several times over. This technique is more time consuming, but it pays much better depending on how much time you’re wiling to put into it.

A few hours can get you a $20 ebook, but spending a few weeks and putting a little money into it can get you a $97 ebook to sell.

Tools: Open Office
MyEcoverMaker (for covers)

PLR Technique #3 Free Ebook or Ecourse

This is basically the same as above, but you give the ebook away in return for an opt in to your email list. Then use an ecourse (send one article per day for 5 days or so) to upsell the potential customer.

PLR products are very valuable for list building. Once you have that opt in, you can keep selling to that customer.

Tools: Aweber Autoresponder

PLR Technique #4 Newsletters

I started creating newsletters out of PLR articles. I have several niche lists with anywhere from 200 to 4,000 opt ins on each. When you build a list of 4,000 and sell even just 1% of them a $50 product, you make a cool $2,000!

PLR Technique #5 The One Time Offer

Use PLR products (or a group of products) to create a one time offer. If I’m selling an inexpensive report, I’ll throw in a one time offer for a similar product for double or triple the price of the report. This is really hit or miss, but sometimes the conversions are good if the OTO is a good value.

PLR Technique #6 Sell Content to Webmasters

If you need a quick way to make money, have someone write 10 articles on a hot topic for you that you can turn around and sell to other webmasters. For example, 10 cost around $80, you can get them cheaper, but you need quality here.

You can sell the set of 10 articles to 30 people for $10 which is $300 – $220 pure profit. You can profit even more if you write the articles yourself.

PLR Technique #7 Podcasting/Audio

Creating an audio version of an ebook is the easiest way to double or triple the value of your product. Customers can listen to your audio book on their MP3 player, in the car, while cleaning the house, etc.

I’ve had good conversion rates when I offered an ebook for $27 and upsold the audio
for an extra $20.

PLR Technique #8 Get Physical – DVDs, Books, Calendars, etc.

When you have high quality PLR products (like from Automatic Niche Profits) it’s possible to create a physical product that you can sell for well over $100. Start off simple by burning the DVD yourself with your home DVD burner and printing labels and jacket covers with your printer.

If you get serious with this, you can look into a fulfillment company to handle duplication, billing, mailing, etc. Sell your physical product from a dedicated website as well as on eBay and Craigslist.

PLR Technique #9 The Daily Gift

This one is fun and profitable! What you do is gather enough PLR products that you have unlimited rights to, or PLR products that you’ve had created for you only. Charge people to receive a surprise product from you via email for x amount of days. Use an autoresponder to setup the product delivery so everything is hands free.

This is initially going to either be time consuming or expensive. This depends on whether you pay to have products created, or if you spend your time creating. For example, start off with 10 days of products. Charge $37 total for the customer to receive all 10 products over a 10 day period. If you signed up 200 people, you would make $7400, even half that is great at $3700. I was happy to make $4200 when I did this last Spring.

The key to this is making sure the products are high quality. You want customers to really be wowed at what they get for just $37. Also, the products should come with some sort of resale rights.

PLR Technique #10 Start a Membership Site

Membership sites are very lucrative, especially when they are niche specific. You don’t have to think big to be successful with a membership site. I have a mini membership with about 80 people paying $17 per month, that’s $1360.

Power PLR Tips

Use every PLR product you purchase. Many times people will buy up a bunch of PLR stuff and let it collect digital dust. Even if you just throw up a blog with some AdSense on it, you can still make some money – more than you make from letting it sit.

Always add on to PLR. If you have a PLR ebook, don’t slap an ecover on it, change a few words, and sell it – add on to it! Create a work book, planner, mind map, video, audio, etc (all depending on the niche of course). Adding additional products will make you stand out from other selling the same product. It also allows you to charge more for the product.

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