Shiny Object Lemonade Review

Today Lee Murray is launching his latest product Shiny Object Lemonade! First I need to tell you I received a review copy from Lee – and just finished reading it.

It’s a 75-page ebook with no fluff or filler. The strategy inside works – and I know it – because I do something similar in my business. If you’re sick and tired of buying “shiny objects”, Lee gives a good guide on what to do when you’re following these “so-called” gurus and try to implement the shiny tactics from their ebooks and reports.


In fact, I’m surprised this guide came at the right moment – because I still needed some confirmation in whether I should pursuit more different sites of my own – or whether it’s best to focus on just one or two…

What I skipped in the guide is the need for a good domains (I got a few really cool!), web hosting and an autoresponder service (Aweber is my choice!). So that part was not for me.

But the rest is a good confirmation of things I needed to do in my own business – and I’m 100% positive it will help folks that are just buying and buying latest and greatest shiny object over and over again!

As an internet marketing newbie there are simple steps to follow (and not to get lost in IM space!). You’re not left without including the resources like for example traffic videos, email templates and a cheat sheet!

Right now the price of Shiny Object Lemonade is just $5! You can get it here!

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