How To Turn Your Blog Keywords Into Amazon Affiliate Links

I saw something similar in the past – so it’s not completely new idea to release such plugin. But Commission Sumo is quite easy to use – although I missed some of the tutorials like how to actually setup the keywords… never mind, find it under “Native Ads”.

First I was quite surprised I didn’t find my license file easily, then sent email to their support but it came back as undeliverable.  They already fixed the support email address, but anyway here’s the correct one: – see the screen where is the license file download located:

Commission Sumo License File

Commission Sumo License File

The front end offer is good for Amazon affiliate products, social share, optin forms…. but when you want to use ads with ClickBank and JVZoo products – you have to buy either 1) OTO or you can buy individual license later inside the plugin’s setting… just like I did (I bought a ClickBank license).

Now setting the ads are easy… choose template (where you select your colors) and insert keyword(s), then the plugin search Amazon for a related product that it shows on your blog after hovering through the keywords, like I show you here:

Commission Sumo My Demo

Commission Sumo My Demo

I’d personally prefer the ads showing little bit faster – but this is probably caused by the slow web hosting I use at the demo blog. Also, I’d like to have an option to choose my selected Amazon products – not relying on the plugin’s “decision”…

In the end, I think the plugin is priced just right, the support is not super fast – but if you have a little patience it’s ok. Worth turning your WordPress blog keywords into Amazon affiliate promotions. Get Commission Sumo here!


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