What I Really Hate About FanContact

First of all, yeah I got it – FanContact is one cool app that works almost like a normal autoresponder. I say almost, because it can not replace it and it cannot replace email marketing…

But what impress me – is that it’s really slick – imagine someone commenting on your Facebook page – and boom you have him/her on your list! It works in your app that is online, nothing to install. Then – if you want to share some news or just “thank you” message to your FB commenters – it sends it automatically!

Here below is a little case study how the author of FanContact get his quick sales by using the app! Be sure to watch it:

What do you think?

But here’s WHY I HATE it: if you like what you see here, please be patient because you’ll be presented like 10 (yes TEN!) OTOs!! until you finally get the app.  I don’t like clicking like 10 minutes to finally get what I wanted!

Let’s see how many leads I’ll get from my pages. It’s cool and I’m quite excited about this app.. hope it won’t disappoint.

Get FanContact here while it’s at low price!

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