What To Do After You’ve Reached Authority Status In Your Niche

Becoming an authority in a niche is not easy, no doubt about it. It usually requires years of hard work, dedication and consistent efforts.

After all that, when you finally make it, it can be difficult to know what to do next. Should you keep working as hard as you have, or should you slow down a bit and focus on enjoying the rewards of all that hard work you’ve put in to reach this position?

If you want to stay active and keep plugging away to reach new heights, there are a few paths you can take. One of them is taking a look at what you’ve done so far, and trying to figure out if there’s any areas where you could do better. For instance, you may have focused hard on doing well gathering followers on Twitter, but you’ve completely neglected Facebook. Or maybe you’ve written and published e-books but never launched your own complete e-course. No matter how hard you’ve worked it is almost certain that there is at least one area you could improve.

Another option is branching out to another niche, preferably something related to the one you’ve become an authority in. You could either look into something that’s similar to the topic itself, or something that you think your existing following and audience would also be interested in (even if it’s not really related to the original topic).

If you’d prefer to shift down and work a little less in the near future, that’s definitely possible too. The trick then becomes retaining your authority position with a minimal amount of work. This is actually completely doable, and quite common among authorities in all kinds of niches. One trick is hiring people to keep up with some of your daily activities, such as posting on social media and answering e-mail. What you should focus on personally are high-impact activities such as hosting webinars or speaking at events – things like that will provide you with a great “ROI” for your efforts.

As you’ve seen it’s really completely up to you how you want to handle things going forward. You actually don’t have to settle on either of these options either, as you could easily go back and forth between them on a month-to-month basis depending on your current energy levels and what else you’ve got going on. Whatever you do though, don’t completely stop participating in your niche, even if you’re feeling slightly burned out. People are quick to forget and you could potentially lose your authority position if you were to do that!

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