Your Own Video Site in Seconds!

I love these easy to use video site builders! Today I’ll show you how easy and quick is to use one. First we need to extract the contents of the zip file I just bought (Scuba Diving Video Site Builder)

Inside the archive (zip file) you’ll find an exe file that is shown above. Just click it and…

Click “YES” to continue…

Now click the BLUE TEXT “USE THE SOFTWARE NOW” – it’ll start the software and opens a new tab in Firefox or Chrome – to display a random page the author wants you to see… sure, you may ignore it.

…now click the link shown above….

and finally fill out the details of your new video site:

this is the most important part, I think it’s obvious – name of the site, your domain name where the site will be located including folder, your AdSense ID, Amazon affiliate ID and the folder where the output files will be created…

Click “Create” after you fill out all the needed details.. and voila – your video site is created.

Then you just need to upload all the created files onto your web host/domain!

Here’s my Scuba Diving Video Site as an example!

What do you think? Easy, right?

Just look at the site, see those relevant videos? See the AdSense ads and Amazon ads? It’s nicely formatted and I created the whole site in minutes – actually in seconds!

Get the Scuba Diving Video Site Builder software here (It’s super affordable – currently under $2)

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