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The AI Marketing Playbook

How to Use AI Tools to Increase Marketing Effectiveness

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20 Step By Step Over the Shoulder Videos

What you'll discover in this video course:

  • The Jasper Platform
  • Jasper Pricing
  • Jasper Content Creation
  • Templates
  • Recipies
  • Art
  • Art Alternative with Canva
  • Integrations

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  • KEY-ACTION TOPIC #1:Written Content
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Here are the Topics We'll Cover Throughout the Special ChatGPT Video Update

  • 0001 - Start an Account with ChatGPT
  • 0003 - What OpenAI Says About The Limitations of the Chatbot
  • 0005 - Will Chat GPT Be a Paid Application
  • 0007 - Chat GPT - Idea Qualification and Accuracy
  • 0009 - Chat GPT - Creating HTML Instances
  • 0011 - Chat GPT - Statistical Verification of Information
  • 0013 - ChatGPT Content Checked With AI
  • 0015 - ChatGPT - How to Ask the Chatbot about Context
  • 0017 - ChatGPT - How to Narrow Down the Context of Your Query
  • 0019 - ChatGPT - Developing a Methodology From Experts
  • 0002 - What the Company OpenAI Says About Itself
  • 0004 - Chatbot Prompt Examples Given By Open AI
  • 0006 - Chat GPT Idea Generation
  • 0008 - ChatGPT - Accuracy and Citations
  • 0010 - Chat GPT - How to Solve Specific Business Problems
  • 0012 - Chat GPT - Rewrite Content for Different Contexts
  • 0014 - ChatGPT - Simplifying Information
  • 0016 - ChatGPT - How to Cross Post Queries
  • 0018 - ChatGPT - How to Solve a Business Process
  • 0020 - The Future of ChatGPT

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