Amazon Affiliate Commission Recipe – This Works!

If you still don’t earn any commissions from the number one affiliate program on the Internet – Amazon, this Amazon Affiliate Commission Recipe may be just the thing you need! Because simply put: it works!

How Do I Know It Works?

Because I do exactly what I’m going to write about! 🙂 Sure, you’ll find lots of “proven” strategies on earning money online, quite many about earning from Amazon. But you’ll soon find out – many of them are just theories. Or you may think they’re just “rich quick schemes”.

You’ll waste your time and money following most of them… until you finally find (if you’re lucky enough) some program / system that actually works!

Here’s my proof, blogs created following this system with absolutely no promotion and no back links, I’ve done nothing except creating them:


What Do You Need?

Here’s what exactly what you need:

  • Domain Name (I register all my new domains with
  • Web Hosting (for this I recommend either HostGator or BlueHost, I’ll tell you later why.)
  • Azon Blog Builder  web based software
  • DFY Suite 2 Agency link builder for building back links to your sites (optional)
  • Amazon Affiliate Link/Tag – it’s free to sign up for!

Step #1

You need to find a good domain name under which your site/blog will be built. Find a good domain name that catches attention in a market where there are buyers!

For example, I have a niche blog about “computer monitors”, so my domain name would be something with the keywords in the domain name… e.g.

I registered hundreds of different domains with as they are reliable and I’ve had no issues concerning registrations. They also have a support chat – so they can help you really quickly!

Here’s how one of my blogs looks like:


Step #2

Find a reliable, good speed, web hosting!

Special requirement: it needs to support cPanel! In my experience the best web hosting services for exactly these types of sites are either HostGator or BlueHost!

I’ve used HostGator’s “baby plan” and I paid for 3 years in advance. Great value and great choice in my books! They have a support chat with friendly people as well – in case you have any issues with your sites.


Step #3

Head over to and sign up for their affiliate program. It’s free!

You’ll have an opportunity to promote anything from their huge catalog of different products! The biggest advantage of using their affiliate program is that Amazon has a big authority and basically “everybody” knows them.

It’s safe to buy from Amazon, and it will be safe to buy from your site/blog when you promote Amazon products! Your customers will much more likely buy from your blog when they see it’s from Amazon.

Step #4

Head over to AzonBlogBuilder and sign up for the online app. Follow the steps inside the members area when creating a new blog.

You would need your cPanel username, password, Amazon affiliate tag, and of course your chosen categories from the Amazon marketplace. You’ll have an option to enter other categories manually.

If you need any help with setting up your new blogs, the support is excellent!


Step #5

In order to speed up the process of indexing your site, and making your blog visible on the search engines you would need to create back links to your sites. One of the best applications that will help you with this process is DFY Suite 2 Agency.

Here’s what you need in order to make DFY suite work for you:

  • URLs to get backlinks to
  • your targeted keywords

.. that’s all! It’s quick and very easy to use! 🙂


You don’t need thousands of back-links because you promote Amazon products, but I recommend promoting your sites on social media sites… and if possible, create some unique content!

Get DFY Suite 2 Agency here! It’s worth every penny. You don’t have to do the usual and boring work yourself! Instead you can focus on creating more money making Amazon blogs 🙂

Now go and finally start earning with Amazon affiliate program – basically – on autopilot! Just follow these 5 easy steps. If you have any questions or feedback, please post a comment below.

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