Best High Ticket Programs To Join!

Over the long years I’ve come across many promising programs, systems and courses…I’ve spent thousands of dollars joining them… but in the end only a handful of them were really worth it!

Some of the programs do not exist anymore, some of the programs are kind of stopped in time… like PIPS, GDI… and some of them were just pure scam!

But there are 2 programs that work well at this moment. Both have some good training included and both guarantee you make sales and commissions! 

These programs are run by two of the top sellers on Warriorplus! They’ve generated millions on the WarriorPlus networks and both provide tools to “copy” their success!

One important thing: if you decide to join one or both… you need to take action!

What’s worth the training if you don’t follow it? What’s worth the leads you’ll receive after you join them – if you do not follow up with messages? What’s it worth to see all those testimonials if you lack action??

So the best advice I can give you: watch the training, learn the necessary steps you need to take and get your system done! Change your mindset to the mindset of the winner! 

You can do that in your own speed. You don’t have to rush things. You can go slowly, or you can go fast – especially if you already have some experience!

Do you know how many “make money online” products I bought before getting the first sale? Or before getting the 1st high commission sale? I’ve bought hundreds of products… but I made one huge mistake!

I’ve NOT implemented what I’ve learned!! I lacked the RIGHT ACTION!


Both programs I mention here are TOP QUALITY systems and training! They’ll teach you how to actually make money! These are not just promises!

Let’s take a look at the first one:

Jono Armstrong’s Ministry Of Freedom! 

Take a look at Jono’s sales on WarriorPlus:


More than 5,000 sales with average product sale $22+. His latest Geminii, and best-sellers like Insurgency and The Lockdown Formula!

Plus he has another affiliate account on WarriorPlus – and ranks among just 1% top affiliates on the network! This speaks for itself.


He post great reviews of products on YouTube and deliver some of the best bonuses you can get when buying through his links!

And he shows all the tips and tricks he had in Ministry of Freedom!

He’s got a very helpful Facebook Group where you can see the members of Ministry Of Freedom posting tips and testimonials!

Here’s a short screenshot of the group:


One important thing: one of the perks of the group is the traffic rotator! So your sales are pretty much guaranteed! It’s not predictable of how many sale you’ll get from the rotator – but you’ll get them! And that’s a nice motivation to add your own action to multiple the commissions many times! That’s pretty much possible if you’re willing to do some work!

Don’t wait and join Ministry of Freedom here!

(Do not spend another $20 or $30 or even $100 to buy a new “shiny-object” kind of product, do not join multiple programs and another training for $500… instead save and invest into these proven systems that actually work! Right now. As of 2020!)

Glynn Kosky’s IM Passive Income

This is my second favorite high-ticket program that guarantees results!

You can get more details here if you’re in a hurry to join! 🙂

If you don’t believe me, here’s a screenshot and the proof Glynn is the real deal!


Not only top 1% vendor on WarriorPlus (42,000+ sales, what?!), Superstar vendor and on top of that he’s an affiliate super star as well topping most of the affiliate competitions out there! See the screenshot below:


This is a new millennium! This is not a plugin-profit-site from Stone Evans or Ewen Chia stuff from the last century! Glynn knows his stuff! He’s also a platinum ClickBank vendor:


His results speak for themselves!

For the commissions below I actually did a very little work myself! My affiliate link for Big Ticket Commissions was put into a rotator and the link was promoted by Glynn himself! 🙂 Here’s the fantastic result:


$667.52 in commissions and counting! 

I could be writing about all the stuff you’re going to get when you join IM Passive Income by Glynn Kosky.. but why? Here’s what you get in details!

If there’s just one thing that you need to buy in 2020, choose IM Passive Income!

On a second thought I’m going to list just a few incredible things you’re going to get: access to ALL products from Glynn, full versions and the FUTURE products as well! Oh… that’s priceless! I really can’t count how much you’re going to save!

… on top of that you’re going to get 100% licensing rights to the products! Amazing deal I would say! Again: priceless!

… on top of that – 500 free clicks to whatever squeeze/capture page! And… 300 guaranteed leads/optins to your autotoresponder! How much would you pay for top tier traffic clicks when buying a solo ad?

Also, bear in mind, you’re going to get access to all future products of Glynn and 100% licensing rights too! I’m excited myself as I write this…  because I’ve never see such value offered before!

So what do you think now? 🙂

Sign up for a free training by Glynn and get the incredible stuff mentioned above!

Final Words

Dear readers, dear subscribers or customers of mine. These are the 2 high-ticket programs that are absolutely worth checking out and joining now! They’re worth every penny! I write this without exaggeration!

If you can afford to invest this one-time fee – do it now! Imagine how much money you’re going to spend anyway this or the next year! Save the money and invest in these high-ticket systems that will guide you with confidence!

Again, here are the 2 best ever coaching programs/systems you need to join (one or another or even both):

Jono’s Armstrong Ministry of Freedom!

Glynn Kosky’s IM Passive Income System!

Please let me know if you need anything, you can contact me or comment below!

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