[BEWARE] ProfitSuite – Another Shiny Object Syndrome Type of Product!

I couldn’t believe the same vendor just launched a new product that is getting great “reviews”… all the way down…. and affiliates profiting from “stupid” customers! This time it’s ProfitSuite.

I read somewhere that it replaces :

[+] cloud hosting (HostGator)

[+] storage (DropBox)

[+] webinars (Zoom)

[+] autoresponder (Aweber)

[+] graphics design (Photoshop)

[+] funnel builder (ClickFunnels)

Pardon me, all those professional services are a joke according to the vendor and most of the affiliates!

Now image, you’re going to get all above in one latest and greatest package for just $22 or so – one-time!

Oh, that’s a huge savings, right? 🙂

NO WAY! You gotta be kidding!

The last product the same team launched was ProfitHost!

Again, one-time fee for a “wonderful” unlimited webhosting.. I have tried it… here’s the result:

I’ve exchanged a few ticket ticket until I got no response and had to file a PayPal dispute. I got my money back.. but how about those thousands who bought it??


The product has 12% refund rate! So more that 1,200 customers asked for refund!

I’m really sick and sorry – I’ve seen many “marketers” again promoting similar one-time fee unbelievable package that replaces all the professional and reliable services!

I’m used to the fact that most of those “marketers” are really just for their money and they don’t care about their customers! 

But unfortunately I see a few names that surprised me…. It’s so sad.

Let’s take a look at who’s for your money (live link):

Rank Affiliate
1 Mosh Bari (Promote “Mighteee” 28th Nov 2020) 
2 Ugoo Carson 
3 Mike McKay 🔥 ProfitMeet On Oct 16th 🔥 
4 Mo Latif 
5 Radu Hahaianu 
6 Daniel Adetunji (MailPanda-16th December 2020) 
7 Amit Gaikwad AdSense Engine 
8 Venkata 
9 Brett Ingram 
10 Ifiok VideoTours360 – Dec 17 
11 Art Flair 
12 Dr Amit Pareek – DotcomPal – 499 per sale 
13 Mukram 
14 Victory Akpomedaye 
15 Rick Nguyen 
16 Kurt Chrisler 
17 Ashley Parry 
18 Mike From Maine 
19 Magnus Ilechukwu 
20 ANIRUDH BAAVRA Promote AdSense Engine 
21 Billy Darr 
22 Todd Gross 
23 Samuel Marco 
24 Calin Ioan 
25 Paul Okeeffe 
26 chrisxjv
27 IMReviewSquad 
28 Adrian & Cristian 
30 Ariel Sanders
31 kundan Choudhary 
32 Rudy Rudra 
33 Glynn Kosky 
34 LogicBeam
35 Pixa Build – PIXABUILD.COM 
36 Justin Opay – PIXABUILD.COM 
37 Andrew Darius 
38 Youhana Zakaria Melad 
39 Yogesh Agarwal 
40 Luan Lee 
41 Mark Bishop 
42 Kenny Tan – InstaProfits – Jan 03 
43 mokhan265
44 DAVID KIRBY 🏆 Affiliate Maniac – Dec 12th 🏆 
45 Uddhab (Digipro Team) 
46 Luan 
47 JAMIE LEWIS AffiliateManiac Launching NOW 
48 Igor Burban (FROOGGAL – Hot Evergreen Offer) 
49 shermanf
50 Ram Rawat 
51 Erik Cagi 
52 Chris Hardy 
53 Vick Carty 
54 Pallab Ghosal 
55 Mohamed Elhashash 
56 Jonny “Leaderboard” Rose 
57 Justin Tan 
58 Finn Goswami 
59 Patrick Nick 
60 Brad Levy 
61 Leonardus (WpThemePlugin.com) 
62 David Vu 
63 James Kennedy 
64 Tim Walker 
65 Aaron Odinlo 
66 Austin Ejem 
67 Sasha Ilic 2 
69 Yves KOUYO 
70 Anjani Kumar 
71 Abhijit Saha 
72 Jason Fulton 
73 Dawud Islam – Brown Bear Bargains – Dec 22nd 
74 jgordon7
75 Al Cheeseman 

I know that not all affiliates have time to test the product – but promoting only because of I owe my partners – no matter what the product is or does and how it does it… it’s just not honest!

Imagine, all those people investing in such crap products… and then either forgetting about the purchase and the product or asking for refunds.. and waiting for it… it’s not fair at all!

Perhaps the vendor relies on people losing those “few” bucks… but if the customer has faith and try to use the service and implement it in his/her business – they WILL be very disappointed along the way!

For now: please stay away from ProfitHost & ProfitSuite! 

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