On this page I’m going to warn you about some of the scams and products that I do NOT recommend getting because of my bad experiences with them!

I’ve been marketing long enough (over 17 years) and have bought hundreds of products and services… so I’ve seen and used quite a LOT of them myself.

Please stay away from the products I do NOT recommend, if you value your time and money! I’ve been scammed and ripped quite a few times. I’ll try to update this as often as I can – so you can avoid these scammers and bad products.


I have bought and tried this super hosting they sell for a really low price! I quickly registered a new domain and set up the hosting with their admin panel, name servers, etc… everything seemed fine until… about 5 days later I saw this:

profithost scam

They changed the admin panel logins, gave me 2 links, none of them worked – even after I submitted a few tickets. Nothing. I had to file a dispute after they were not able to respond to the tickets and fix the issues!

Only regret is my time and seeing all those people that can’t rely on their hosting.. I’ve got only 1 domain pointed to their servers, so it’s easy for me just transfer / move the domain to my other web hosts… but see how many people have bought the “pro” hosting:


More than 7,500 but also noticed the refund rate is 12%. Too bad I guess! 🙁

Instead of buying another low cost hosting, one-timers, etc… invest into a professional hosting service like,, or

Stay away from ProfitHost!

(oh, and by the way, it’s one of the best selling products on WarriorPlus – but that doesn’t mean it’s a good product or service, of course!)

Don’t Fall For This

I’ve bought tons of stuff from Ken R., the last one was 200+200 bonus solo ad clicks, the 1st 200 clicks went ok, and then I waited for the second – bonus 200 clicks.. I emailed this guy numerous times with no response.. then I was forced to file PayPal dispute. He finally responded and asked to close the dispute first and then he promised to send the 200 bonus clicks…

What do you think how it ended up?

I closed the dispute and waited for the clicks.. my bad! The clicks were never delivered and I was NOT able to re-open the dispute! So if you have such a bad experience yourself and open a PayPal dispute – wait UNTIL your product or service gets delivered! Only then, you can close the dispute! Learn from my mistake!

Stay Away

Please stay away from Brett Rutecky‘s products at all costs!

Once you got into troubles that something’s wrong with his product or service – he goes arrogant like in my case – where I found out one of his products doesn’t work or basically is a scam.. then he closed my account and blocked the access to his product which I bought!

And also, he blocked my access to his other products, removed my affiliate access, etc..!

Horrible customer support, a rude and arrogant guy….I don’t care about how many millions he made from his products and/or services – it’s not worth it!