Complete Website For Free: Sales Funnel Strategies

This month’s free website is ready to be downloaded here! It’s called “Sales Funnel Strategies & Solutions“. Again there are 10 related articles at no cost, a possibility to change the affiliate settings to your ClickBank user id and of course to build your own subscriber list! I used the free autoresponder from LeadsLeap.

Here’s how the site looks like:

Just perfect and I uploaded it my web host in about 5 minutes! 🙂

Changed the setting to my CB affilate id and voila!

You can earn commissions by promoting CB products (it’s automatically displayed with your CB id) or you can earn with AdSense.

Check out the site and see for yourself: “Sales Funnel Strategies & Solutions“. Go and get your free site now, because older month’s sites are not backep up! It’s worth it.

About the author: Marian

What would you do with an extra $300 or more per month - coming in month after month - as the result of 'working' less than 10 minutes per day online? Perhaps it is time to get started now!

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