Completely Free & Monetized Site Every Month?

Do you want to receive FREE and completely monetized website every month? Do you want your read-to-go articles included every 30 days? That means you’ll have 12 complete websites per year for free! 🙂

You decide whether you monetize each site with AdSense or any other affiliate program! Just insert the links and/or your AdSense ID and all you need from that moment is just traffic!

Are you just a newbie or technically not very experienced? Simple instructions are included, all you need is just your own domain name and web hosting – and the rest is easy to do.

Do you want to see how the site looks like? Take a look below:


This is the latest site I just downloaded for free from Free Monthly Websites.

As you can see from the screenshot above, there are 10 done-for-you PLR articles, beautifully designed site with cool graphics – headers and footers included. I chose to monetize it with Google’s AdSense. It’s strategically positioned right under the header and at the beginning of the articles.

It would be a mistake to not include some form of list building , right?

Well, this is covered as well!

As I’m a big fan of Aweber (autoresponder service) I quickly inserted JavaScript form that I got from my list at Aweber. So easy to modify, so easy to insert! Look below:


Now imagine, 12 beautifully designed websites per year, for free! Full of content, monetized and ready to build your own email list! You don’t need new domain name for each of the sites, you can save by using either sub-domains or install the sites and organize them into sub-folders/sub-directories. Very easy to do!

Then bring some traffic to the sites (use social media, solo ads, etc.) and you’ll have your 12 mini businesses per year! Then next year.. and the next year! Total cost is next to nothing. As I said, you only need your domain name and web hosting… and they’re cheap nowadays.

(my latest site I uploaded is here, check it out: how to make it rich with strategic thinking)

Sure, if you’d like even more features, more content to the sites, there’s an option to upgrade to the premium version. Your choice.


March 2020 site: Facebook Page Mastery: Tips & Tricks


(link to the site)

Now get your Free Monthly Websites.

(note: you need to download each month’s site as soon as possible, because they’re not backed up!)


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