Ditch It? My Lead Gen Secret Revealed!

My latest tests don’t seem very optimistic! (read my previous post) I’ve had a suspicion for quite some time regarding the clicks to the links I promote inside the MLGS (My Lead Gen Secret) system. Now I’m pretty sure about it after I sent my last email through the system.

Here it is:


As you can see I used naked links with no tracking at all, I followed the recommendation not to interfere the tracking, so the stats would be accurate.


I prepared a special – dedicated page on my WordPress site where I can exactly see how many views the page gets…

You can see the link to the page in my email above.. it ends with /incredible-stuff/

Once the visitor clicks the link, my WordPress page stats is tracking it as a view.

So if there’s no real visitor/click on the link, it shows nothing.

Now I checked the stats inside the MLGS system for this particular message, here’s what it shows:


My message, as you can see yourself, got 98 clicks! So that’s quite a good number of clicks.. now I’m getting there was also a link to my FB fanpage inside the email – so perhaps I should have received at least 50 clicks to my WordPress page, right?

Guess, how many visitors did I get? ZERO!!! Big fat ZERO!

Here’s the current stats for this particular page to prove it:


It shows JUST 1 CLICK, 1 visitor instead of 98 that MLGS says! And I’m gonna tell you where did this one click come from in a moment…

I took just some of the leads from MLGS and imported 500 of them into my WordPress autoresponder.

Here the stats looks much better – but overall – it’s really really poor!


As you can see, I sent the same message, this time with my own autoresponder, to 500 MLGS leads imported to my autoresponder and got 25 opens and 1 click!

Then I resend the same message later to unopens and got just 11 opens and no clicks.

It would not be wise to import all the MLGS leads (at least not all at once) since these are probably really “cold” prospects and it will take some time to convert them into opening and clicking the links inside the emails…

Now when you see from my MLGS message stats – I received hundreds of clicks to the previous messages, mainly promoting the MLGS itself – so I should have at least few referrals, right?

Forget it, I only got 3 referrals – and since I promoted MLGS also on my blogs – I’m pretty sure the referrals didn’t come by using their native mailing system!


The conclusion?

Don’t fall for this system! My Lead Gen Secret’s mailing system doesn’t show the realĀ  stats – no way! These are just fake, fabricated clicks you can’t rely on!

The only thing that may, I said “may” work is that if you export the leads and import them into your own autoresponder system, not Aweber, GetResponse, etc..! But then you’ll have a hard time to convert the emails. Be prepared for that.

This was too good to be true I guess.



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