Fastest Unlimited, Lifetime Hosting, One-Time Fee?!

I must admit, I thought this is a joke! 🙂 How can I get a one-time fee web hosting and on top of that – it’s a high speed one? Why the prices of for example HostGator, SiteGround or even Name Cheap when I compare them to this? Why do they charge $XX per month??

(in a hurry? here’s where to get this hot deal!)

I thought this new “super ultra speed” web hosting is really some stupid trick that will just fade away… BUT

I decided to give it a go – for one more time!

The last one-time fee web hosting service was a night mare! I had to change nameservers several times.. until my site stopped working!

So how about this latest one?

First of all, do not expect cPanel or some kind of popular admin panel… at least I’ve never seen this panel before:


I wasn’t expecting a complicated stuff for that price.. the only thing that looked suspicious was that I had to wait almost 2 days to get the login information! 😉

But I checked the stats for this hosting, more than 5,000 people already grabbed it – and the login details were sent probably by hand… so I thought it’s still ok.

New Domain Installation

I used a new domain for this web host, I quickly set up the nameservers to point to this “ultra speed one-time payment” host… and waited until it’s fully propagated.

I wasn’t expecting much..

When I logged into this very special admin panel, I just intuitively selected what I’m going to do, but wasn’t sure… so I checked the video tutorials that come with this product.

It was recorded by some I guess Indian guy with a really low quality of sound… again do not expect too much for the price!

Big But Pleasant Surprise

Big surprise came after I installed a WordPress CMS which is the biggest wordpress hosting provider, on this new domain…the speed of this new blog was really excellent! I mean most of my blogs, including this one, have speed score of about 64-70 using Google’s PageSpeed Insights…

Here’s speed as of testing that day:


I mean there’s a difference between a blog with many posts and a new blog with just one post! I know… but see the speed of this new site (desktop):


100% speed score…it’s mind-blowing!

I’m sure you already know that the speed of your website (blog) is a very important part of Google’s search ranking.. the faster your site is the better rankings it gets!

Better rankings mean more visitors, more subscribers and most importantly more sales!

Do not hesitate, check out this one-time fee ultra fast speed web hosting now!

There’s nothing to lose, really, it costs under $16 as of now! Will this be the best web hosting service of 2021? We’ll see….

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