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Free monthly websites has been one of the leading providers of free websites for over ten years, with over 50,000 people taking advantage of the free website they have offered each and every month. These websites are content rich, cash generating websites that earn you affiliate commissions from multiple affiliate sources.

I’ve been with them for years, the biggest advantage is that I can just copy the site’s files to my web hosting, set a few things and the site is ready!

The sites already include 10 content rich articles, then you choose how you want to monetize it: either ClickBank or AdSense. Both are free to join and work perfectly!

You can also add your favorite list building form, it doesn’t matter if you use Aweber or GetResponse. There’s an option to add custom form code, so basically any auto-responder system will work!

Here’s a screenshot of my latest site, it’s titled Online Business Planning & Strategies:


As you can see, it’s nice and clean!

In this case I monetized the site with ClickBank and Resell Rights Fortunes Site, but switching to AdSense is just a matter of a click!

Remember, these sites are free to get, but you also have an option to grab premier membership access to access even more features! It’s really cheap at the time of writing this, you can have more themes, etc.

The only thing you need to be aware of, download the current month’s site as soon as possible, because it’s not archived on the site! Now let me count: it’s 12 free, completely monetized sites per year! Add some promo tactics, free traffic and you’re ready to earn some good commissions and earnings.

You don’t need to hire someone to write the articles, you don’t need a graphic designer to do the site’s graphics, you don’t need to have any technical skills to make the site working. Just basic download/upload stuff…

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding these wonderful free sites 🙂

Update: Feb 5, 2020: February site was just uploaded, titled: Business Coaching & Training for Beginners. Here’s how it looks (or open the site here):

Business Coaching and Traning for Beginners

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