Hall of Shame

Over the years, more than one decade, I’ve come across so many products and so many marketers… and some of them were just “come and go”… anyway here’s a list of some of the scammers and basically people that ripped me of.

Willie Crawford – I don’t care how successful this “marketer” is, but I’ve had a long email conversation and I’ve sent him many reminders for getting my bonuses. I’ve purchased some of the products in the long past with his affiliate link. I’ve been given nothing from him! (btw, the product cost $47)

Brett Rutecky – I purchased many of his products! And after I got his latest “My Super Funnel” I realized the system is not properly setup to promote my links inside it… he went arrogant on me, banning me from being affiliate for all his products and removed access to the system I got as a bonus from him!

He is absolutely at the top of the most arrogant and not caring for his customers person! Beware!

Thomas Wittek – I bought several products from him, most of them focusing on Instagram. After only a few months the products stopped working. They were SAS type – so once the sites they were put on stopped working – I was unable to use them! Opening dispute at PayPal didn’t help. I lost money!

Ken Reno – again, bought many of his products, then ordered solo for 200 clicks, delivered only around 100 and then went “silent”… no response, nothing. He just didn’t care after he took my money.