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Here’s the full video introduction course on publishing on Kindle 2021:

The course content:

1) Introduction to Amazon Kindle

2) Content Guidelines

3) Using Links in Your Kindle Book

4) Creating A KDP Account

5) Introduction to Kindle Vella

6) Kindle Vella: Uploading An Episode

7) Uploading More Episodes to Vella

8) Determining The Book Format and Kindle Format Tool

9) Download & Install the Kindle Create Software

10) Import the Written Document Into Kindle Create

11) Creating Titles for Each Chapter

12) Creating Your Front Matter

13) Changing The Chapter Page Style

14) Working with the Kindle Create Theme Tool

15) Inerting Images To Your Book

16) Inserting Edited Text & Hyperlinks To Your Book

17) Add Back Matter Pages

18) Preview for Print & For the Kindle

19) Creating A Series for Your Kindle Book

20) Creating A Title for Upload on KDP

21) Creating A Cover for Your KDP Book

22) Spell Check & Pricing for Your KDP Book

23) Converting to a Paperback Book

Get your full video course on Kindle here:

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