MadSense Profits Exposed – Review

I just came across this new product by Brendan Mace called MadSense Profits! So here’s my little MadSense Profits review – because there’s not much to talk about this… “product”.

The problem is you’re probably never going to earn any money from AdSense unless Google will approve the site where it’s hosted! In this case it’s 

Will Their Domain Be Approved By Google?

You can see the “quality” of the article produces by this software here.

It’s horrible to tell you the truth! I won’t be proud of showing this “piece of art” to Google. So I really doubt it will be approved! There’s no way you’re going to get real visitors to such pages so you’re not going to earn anything!

Here’s What Some “Marketers” Tell You Instead

[vsnippets id=”1″]

Yeah… Google AdSense is massive.. only not on this site hosted at! 🙁 pretty much automates everything… and it’s even hosted on their servers. That’s true – only you have no control over the site your articles are published! Plus – still you won’t earn anything – as I said before – the site needs to be approved to show the ads!

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Yeah.. done for you websites with original content, right? Did this guy check out the article’s “quality”? What’s the source of these articles? If they’re spun to make them original – the quality of the spinning app/software/script is really bad!

The ONLY reason these marketers promote such crap is to get their commissions and they try to make you purchase because of their cool bonuses! They DON’T CARE whether the product actually works or not!

Plus they’re given prize money if they sell (rip off) enough people!

Here’s the leaderboard where you can see who else is promoting this crap and how much they actually “care” about their subscribers and customers:

Rank Affiliate
1 James Fawcett – Endgame – April 9th 
2 Trevor Carr – 27th March The Super Shakedown 
3 brendanmace2
5 Venkata – Breeze Funnels – March 18th 
6 Victory Akpomedaye 
7 DAVID KIRBY – March 30th – Click4Traffic 
8 Jason Fulton 
9 Glynn Kosky – LEVELS – 15th March 
10 Ram Rawat 
11 Pixa Build – PIXABUILD.COM 
12 Art Flair 
13 Will Allen 
14 Al Cheeseman 
15 Kurt Chrisler 
16 Billy Darr 
17 Erik Cagi 
18 Ariel Sanders
19 Kenny Tan 
20 Diego Hernando
21 Luan 
22 Nanda Brougham – 21st April CLEOPATRA 
23 pritikakapoor
24 Seun Ogundele 
25 missrani
26 Pallab Ghosal 
27 Philip Johansen Forsaken 39 Conv 3rd April 
28 Stanley Jackson 
29 Ogundele Olalekan Raymond 
30 Mei Liz + David Williams 
31 Angry Newbie 
32 aijazali
33 David Williams 
34 Samuel Marco 
35 paul nicholls
36 Billy and Nicole Davis 
37 David Moore 
38 TopMediaPro 
39 mahabali
40 Tom E
41 William Weatherly 
42 William Johnson 
43 TIS Limited 
44 Mark Zschiegner 
45 Jennifer Dawson 
46 Alex Huynh 
47 Opeyemi Olasubomi 
48 Lance Edinger 
49 Kevin Clarke 
50 Adarsha AN 
51 Ambe Prasad Pradhani 
52 Tim Walker 
53 Fajar Kurniawan 

Please save your money or get refund on this one! And think twice about getting or staying on the list of such marketers that push products whenever there’s a chance of making big bucks on your account!

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  1. Great review, there are marketer’s that are ‘shoving’ out products every month, that are pure rubbish, and unfortunately people are buying..
    Well done on your honest evaluation of this product

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