Making Money With AdSense… Avoid This!

No matter what: avoid sending bad traffic to your sites and blogs! Or do everything you can to avoid “click bombing” on your AdSense ads!

I’ve been earning with AdSense for many years.. but from time to time I get this weird stats in my control panel:


… and a few minutes later:


As you can see I came from €37.81 to €0.00 in my daily earnings! And it happened over the course of just a few minutes!

Google is vey strict at this and has mechanism controlling the origin of clicks… and can and will filtrate the clicks and amend the earnings to prevent abusing and cheating the system!

It’s good not only for the publishers but also for advertisers on Google!

If you’d like to really make it big with AdSense, I recommend you check out this brand-new product titled “Follow Me to AdSense” where you can follow the author and build your new site prior to submitting it to Google to be approved!

Everything is provided in details, step-by-step, so it’s an ideal guide for AdSense beginners and newbies! This is a great stuff to learn from. AdSense is bringing me about €70-€90 per month with just a few sites.. and “Follow Me to AdSense” will help me to bring that up really soon! 🙂

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