Ministry of Freedom – What’s In There For You?

I’m sure you already heard about Jono Armstrong’s Ministry of Freedom – and if not, it’s okay, I’m going to let you know the “secrets” of this membership site in this review!

I see the ads for Ministry of Freedom everywhere… it’s looks like many people are targeting and re-targeting people who are a great match for the training 😉

The Rotators

Normally I would start with the description of the training that’s included… but not to bore you… I’ll start with something called rotators that’s just one part of this Ministry of Freedom (MOF) membership… and a really good one!

Imagine, how much you’re going to save on buying the latest and shiniest “objects”… because you’re getting the access to them for free! Yes, not only you’re going to get access to these latest products, but you’re going to get access to the bonuses for them as well.

The bonuses are provided by Jono himself… and all you need to do is to create / record your own review of the products… and then you just add your affiliate link to the rotator attached to your group inside the MOF site! There are 4 groups for the rotators, each one listing tens of people that joined MOF.

After you add your link to the rotator, Jono’s going to promote the product for you – and randomly from all the people that are on the rotator – some are going to get basically free sales!

Here’s the list of the latest products you’ll get access to:


As you can see, you’ll get a review access to Raiid, Buzz, Animal Kingdom, EdUpay, Ezy Multistores, AgencyPress, Entice, Vanquish, WP Toolkit Traffic Guard, 6FigZ, Genie, Zero Buster, Lion Listings, UpStorz, High Ticket Hero, Purx, Gram Grands, Traffic Turbine, Speedlir, DFY Bonus Suite, Traffic Underdog, Marketing Reward, Stormerce, Instant Guru, ClickFunnel Converter, Onyxx, LeadsGorilla, OmniBlaster, Click Bank Profits, The Collectior, Igniter, Secret Pages… and lots more!

You’re also going to get JV access to many other products… so you don’t have to buy anything else!

The reason for this is that Jono is going to teach you how to create reviews of products, he’ll get you the tools and he’ll get you the training! Nothing is left or hidden from you!

He even shows you how to promote the products, using both free & paid ways!

Here’s some of my earnings after I joined Ministry of Freedom (MOF), the significant part comes from the MOF rotator:


Now all you need is to take serious action!

You can see it’s possible to earn hundreds by promoting stuff on WarriorPlus..Jono will do his part but the rest is on you! If you follow the steps you’ll get results!

The Video Training

Here’s how the members area of the training looks like:


Inside there are these sections:

  • Facebook Support Group (here you’ll get latest news and updates, JV docs, review access, Q&A recorded sessions and replays, etc. this is private FB group only for members)
  • Course Introduction
  • Week 1: Mindset, Commitment & Success
  • The Organic Module
  • Week 2: Tools & Applications
  • Week 3 & 4: Launch Jacking
  • Week 5: Advanced Launch Jacking Strategies
  • Week 6: Soft Launching
  • Week 7: Email Marketing
  • List Building with Paid Traffic
  • Week 8: Product Launching
  • Software Research & Outsourcing
  • Week 9: Paid Traffic
  • Video Ads Archive

All those sections of video tutorials are in your disposal whenever you need! Not only you’ll learn how to make reviews of current and hot internet marketing products releases.. but you’ll also learn how to promote the products, how to create your own block-busters, how to do research and how to drive free and paid traffic to your own and your affiliate products!


The (Live) Q&A Webinars & Replays

The best thing about MOF: you can ask Jono and his team whatever you need or have troubles with! There’s a regular Q&A sessions that you can join or listen to/watch the replays of!

And of course, you can ask questions your fellow co-members will gladly answer! You can cooperate, you can co-work, you can communicate in order to learn even more!


Don’t worry if the reviews you’ll make are not perfect, you’ll get better over time.. and even you don’t earn much with your reviews, you’ll get access to tons of stuff you would buy otherwise!

JV Launch Docs & Review Access

Here’s one of my favorite sections of MOF! No more “hunting” for JV access, review access to the latest IM products launches! You’ll get free access, you’ll check the products first before you promote them!


That’s the correct way of promoting the products! You’ll get the details, you’ll get the advantage of using the products yourself BEFORE promoting them to your list of subscribers!

I know that the investment can be higher for some people, but imagine:

  • how much you’re going to save hundreds if not thousands – you don’t need to buy any more of internet marketing products, no more shiny objects! 
  • you’ll get FREE review access to almost every product that’s going to be launched! (check out for the heads up!)
  • you’ll get access to great video training by 7-fig marketer!
  • you’ll get access to private FB support group!
  • you’ll get access to Jono and his team to answer all your questions! this is priceless!
  • you’ll get access to the rotators – that will promote the products for you!
  • you’re going to get 100% free access to ALL Jono’s products and 100% commissions to promote them!!

You know what it’s like to promote GREAT stuff for 100% commissions? Jono’s latest products: JavaScript Commission Bot and Vanquish sold for more than 6,000 copies!! See this:


Now have a look at my custom commissions for Vanquish:


Not only I have access to the whole funnel basically for free, but if anybody buys I’ll get 100% commissions! Talk about value here! You can see I’d pay $197 for the reseller license – now that I’m a member of MOF – I get it for free! 🙂

Special Note For Newbies & Beginners

One of the greatest things when joining Ministry of Freedom, is that you can leverage Jono’s authority!

He’s top 1% vendor on with 15,976 sales and counting as of now!! He gets access to all important products that are going to be released both on WarriorPlus and!


How could you be approved for promoting those products when you’re just a beginner/newbie with no affiliate sales behind you? No big product creator would approve you! 

Now when you’re a student of Jono, when you’re member of Jono – you can ask for help and Jono and his team will make sure you’ll get approved in most of the cases!!

Talk about huge value for newbies!

Final Words

So in every case, you’ll get so much value.. that your investment will be paid for in no time!

And if you join MOF with my link, you’re going to be updated with my latest tips and tricks on how to earn even more with (not only) Ministry of Freedom!

I’ll share with you my knowledge and experience, I’ve been marketing online since 2000, so I know a few things about it 🙂

Do NOT wait until the price of Ministry of Freedom rises up! And unfortunately it will!

Join Ministry of Freedom Here!

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