Real Review of NewsProfixPro – Fully Automated Self-Updating Sites?

If you’re into internet/affiliate marketing I’m sure you’ve already heard about latest Mosh Bari’s & Jason Fulton’s creation called NewsProfixPro. (details are here) I’m not surprised that many affiliate marketers are promoting this, even some of the most valuable ones got into promoting this.


But it surprised me – no-one at least from the top ten “real” reviews sites mentioned the real cons of using NewsProfixPro.

First let me start with some cool features this online software has:

  • Create Sites with Unlimited Content: Now you can create multiple sites with unlimited news content without having to write any of it yourself. You can get this from all over the internet for free and monetize it automatically.
  • Fully Automated Sites with Videos, Images & News Content: All your sites are fully automated to post and share content, you’ll never have to create videos or find images for your sites or write content ever again & you can make money from all this free content.
  • Automatically Monetize Sites with Amazon Products: With automated content, we created automated monetization for you.Now you can automatically earn commissions from Amazon products advertised on your site, all you need to do is add the right keywords & you’re done.
  • Build Engaging Affiliate Funnels in ANY Niche: NewsProfixPro comes with a fully built-in funnel system that earns you commissions from automatic funnels. Just add your affiliate IDs and you will be able to earn commissions from all the free content & free traffic.
  • Promote Ecom Products from Ebay & WalMart – Earn Commissions: With NewsProfixPro, you will also make money from your site using Ebay and WalMart affiliate programs by adding 1000s of products to your site and making money as an affiliate.
  • In 1-Click, Find Thousands of Content Sources for Your Sites: With NewsProfixPro, you will never run out of content as you can get content from multiple news sources – from the top authority sites to niche blogs with news articles.
  • Get Fully SEO Optimized News Content Articles on Your Site: With NewsProfixPro, all your articles and posts are fully SEO optimized with the perfect titles, descriptions and keywords so you can get high google rankings for all your content automatically.
  • Get FREE Viral Traffic from 32 Sources Automatically: Built-in traffic system in the NewsProfixPro software makes sure you get free traffic for every post and article on your site using 32 top social media sites where your content is posted automatically every day.
  • Get 100% Free Social, Engaging Traffic That Multiplies Your Results: Multiply your traffic and results by multiplying the number of social accounts you can connect with your software. In just a few clicks you can blow up your traffic by adding as many social media site accounts as you want.
  • Complete Step by Step Video Guides Included: For every step of this software, we have complete video guides showing you how to do every little thing in our software – you can watch and follow and of course our helpdesk is always there to help you with anything you need.
  • We Host All Your Sites & All Your Content – No Extra Hosting Needed: Hosting is one of the biggest costs when it comes to starting your online business or websites. Thats why we took care of it for you. Your hosting for all your NewsProfixPro sites is covered by us for unlimited traffic & content
  • Powerful Dedicated Servers to Run All Your Sites: You don’t need your own servers, all your sites run on our powerful dedicated servers that never go down and you will be able to host unlimited sites, content, images & videos when you create your NewsProfixPro Sites.
  • Connect Your Own Domain or Use Our Web Hosted System: Whether you want to use your own domain or use our domain and folder system for your sites – you have total freedom to do that. All you need to do is connect your domain to our system and automatically start using it.
  • Complete All Inclusive System – No Need For Anything Extra: With NewsProfixPro, everything is included, hosting, site names and URLs, all the content, images and videos you need, all possible monetization methods – everything. You don’t need to spend extra to get anything!

At this time everything looks just really cool, right? 🙂

I mean having your own automated system, self-updating sites, earning commissions on autopilot, etc… all good stuff.


Let me tell you about some not so cool stuff right now.

If you search Google for “newsprofixpro review” or even better “newsprofixpro cons”, you’ll see list of guaranteed “honest” review sites mentioned all these beautiful features with any serious cons of this web based app!


You can click each of the review links yourself, if you want to save your time here’s the list of basic cons of NewsProfixPro software:

  • There is none up to present.
  • So far, there is none
  • Not any
  • Up to now, I don’t find any  drawbacks about NewsProfitPro.
  • Too many Upsells as usual (my note: wow, finally something!)
  • You can only work when there is an internet connection.

That’s it! This is almost perfect software with no real cons! 🙂

Now let me tell you what’s not so great about it.

Have you seen some demo sites, sites that are created with this system? Take a look here (opens in a new tab, don’t worry). The problem is that your sites will be created under the same domain =

If something goes wrong with the domain or it will expire – you’re out of business! 🙁

They say you don’t need your own web hosting. That’s true – but it can be a disadvantage in this case! You’re not on your own domain and you’re not on your own web hosting = you don’t have any control over this!

Forget backing up your work, forget adding any plugins or modifying anything at all!

Are you willing to promote something you don’t have a complete control of? Are you going to invest your time (and money) into promoting site with no original content that’s not even yours?

Hm, think about it, this may be good for some newbies to start something easily…

By the way, did you know that you need your own Amazon API keys to make this work when you want to promote some products from Amazon? And did you know Amazon restricts access to the keys and you can’t use them if there are not some affiliate earnings under your belt?

.. and here’s my best fake review winner is:


Do you see the picture of proof above?

Here’s the picture URL and real image name (filename):

fake-proof newsprofixpro

… the “proof” is taken from a product called Profit Whirlwind. Nice and funny 🙂

So let me repeat myself: there’s no such thing like unlimited, fully self-automated, no-work passive income – and ideally over the night!

The idea behind NewsProfixPro may be good, it’s just not a perfect system. Let’s be honest (really honest) and clear about it.

And don’t believe everything that’s on the sales page. Count the marketers who will tell you like it is. Like really it is…

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