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If you’re into Etsy stuff, you can get Craft Inspector today and save!

Dave Guindon is offering a $20 off coupon on the main website, but for a limited time, you can use the following $30 off coupon to get 45% off the normal price

Go to the main website and use the following coupon code at checkout: SALE30


Craft Inspector is a powerful Etsy research software designed to uncover non-saturated top-selling products and shops on Etsy.

.. and the software is absolutely PACKED with amazing features:

⭐ Keyword generator from the Etsy autosuggest engine
⭐ Keyword search volume data
⭐ Etsy product analyzer that extract 27 columns of data!
⭐ Get the total shop sales for EVERY product & shop
⭐ View product images inside the data grid
⭐ Get access to 1,104 built-in Etsy categories (Uncover the TOP performing Etsy categories)
⭐ Spy on Etsy advertisements
⭐ Search Etsy shops getting 12 columns of data for EVERY shop!
⭐ Uncover Shop traffic sources
⭐ Powerful Shop Analyzer allows you to research ALL products and sections for ANY shop
⭐ Powerful grouping feature uncovers top selling shop sections
⭐ Tag Analyzer allows you to uncover the top profitable tag keywords
⭐ Product Title Analyzer uncovers the BEST keywords for your product titles and descriptions
⭐ .. the list goes on and on!

There are seriously a TON of amazing things you can do with Craft Inspector!

Claim your $30 off coupon today before it expires. Enter the following coupon code at checkout: SALE30


Great stuff. 🙂

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