Scale Your Online Business With These Automation Techniques

how to scale your business

If you have manual processes involved in your current online business then there are automation techniques that you can use to help you scale. You must aim to remove yourself from the daily running of your business. Your job going forward will be future planning and management.

Tailored Code Work

Although there are a lot of automation tools for online businesses available, something “off the shelf” may not be a perfect fit for you. If there is a manual process involved that you have created then you may need to find a good developer to create the necessary code to automate the manual processes.

If you do not know any good software developers then you can find some on websites like You will need to create a specification for the work that needs to be done to automate any manual processes. The software developer will require all of the details here and you need to be prepared to let them have this.

You may be concerned that a software developer could steal your ideas at this point. If this is the case, tell them that they will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) which will result in severe financial penalties if they use your ideas or pass them on to anyone else. Experienced software developers will have no problem with signing an NDA.

Communicate regularly with your software developer to follow up on progress and to answer any questions they may have. Even the best coders can misinterpret an instruction from time to time so tell your developer that you would like to test what they have created as soon as possible.

There can be a lot involved in providing custom automation for your online business and you may have to invest a lot of money into this. But if it can release you from being an integral part of the business then it is worth every cent.

Do you have Automated Sales Funnels?

When a prospect comes across your online business, do you have an automated sales funnel in place that takes them on a journey? If you don’t then you certainly need this. The first thing that your sales funnel needs to do is to capture their email address and add them to your email list.

Only a few people will buy what you have to offer the first time they visit your sales funnel so you need a way of staying in touch with them after they leave. So provide an incentive free that they cannot refuse in exchange for their email address.

Then your funnel needs to expose the visitor to your “front end” offer. This low priced product with a lot of value. If they make a purchase then you know that they are serious. The rest of your sales funnel will offer other products and service that are higher in price. You can easily create high converting sales funnels using a service like Clickfunnels.

Email Autoresponder

An email autoresponder service is necessary for the building of your email list and the automatic sending of a sequence of emails. You can also send a “broadcast” email to your list whenever you want to.

You can create an email sequence for a specific number of days or even weeks and months and preload these into your autoresponder service. Each time a new person joins your email list they will receive these emails automatically.

For more information about scaling your online business go here.

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