Simple Making Money Online Recipe


Here’s a cool system that will do all this for you:

  • it will bring you traffic
  • it will publish relevant videos for you
  • it includes premium WordPress theme & plugin
  • it allows you to promote anything you want
  • it allows you to build your own list

So What Do You Need?

All you need is to grab YT Evolution & follow the simple instructions that are in the members area. The videos are easy to follow and will guide you through installing the theme and plugins, customizing it and will give you some tips to make it even better!


It’s not recommended to use HostGator for this, I run my sites also on SiteGround & NameCheap.. so I recommend using them.

As you can see, on the left side of the member’s area there are:

  • ways to make money
  • importing the theme
  • updating WP settings
  • customizing the theme
  • getting your Google API (free)
  • evo curator plugin
  • importing videos
  • indexing your posts
  • ranking blueprint
  • more banner options
  • adding affiliate links to your sites
  • backing up your websites

Pretty much all is covered. There’s ton of options and things you can do with this combo – theme & plugin.

Are There Any Upsells?

Just one – Evo Cloaker plugin. This is one slick plugin that will help to redirect traffic from search engine results pages to a whatever page you need!

How Do You Get Traffic To Your Sites?

There are some tips already in the members area, but I’ll add my own tips to make the sites more Google friendly and to boost the indexing! Here are my top 2 services I use in my own business:

By using those services you will give a huge boost to your sites! Your pages will be indexed much faster and it will result to getting tons of traffic – meaning more sales and optins (if you build your own list).

My Own Demo & Example Site

Here’s how one of my sites looks like:


As you can see, the possibilities are endless. I chose a YouTube channel that is updated almost every day and has great content.

Then I grabbed Amazon affiliate ads (you can become an affiliate of Amazon for free) and posted the ads in the header section of the site and also in the sidebar.

Also, I bought some articles and put them into the “What’s New” post category.. so the search engines will have more content to crawl and index.

Final Words

One really good thing about using YT Evolution is that it contains a curator plugin that will grab some relevant articles from EzineArticles (again, free to use)… and if you have a SpinRewriter (optional, but much recommended) you can spin the articles each time a new video post is published!

The article is visible under each video, in the post.

Amazing system, easy to follow & also it has great support from the creator! You can join his Facebook group and get support not only from him, but you can exchange your tips and concerns with fellow users of YT Evolution as well.

Much recommended! Grab YT Evolution by clicking here!

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