Here’s a list of great tools and services I found very useful.


  • Aweber – the best autoresponder system I ever used! Reliable and affordable.
  • HostGator – web hosting for more than 20 of my sites!
  • NameCheap – this is the place I register ALL my domains at and also, I have another web hosting there.

WordPress Themes & Plugins


  • Flaticon – I found this free service extremely useful for creating icons, favicons for my sites!
  • Flamingtext – need a logo for your (wordpress) sites? Get it for free here!
  • Pixlr – great online image editor
  • Logo Genie – create beautifully looking logos online
  • PhotoScissors Online – easily remove background from your images/photos online
  • – another tool to easily remove background from image, of course for free

HTML & Scripts


  • Video Merge – if you want to merge videos – for free!

Other tools of trade

  • Email Addresses Extractor – useful when you have a list of leads let’s say in csv/xls and you’d like to extract just emails – to import into your other autoresponder
  • Split CSV – splits the large CSV files into several pieces.
  • RoboForm – stores all my passwords for websites, logins, etc… on all my laptops and PCs. Very reliable and easy to use!
  • PrintFriendly – great tool for printing page/blog posts
  • Free SERP Checker – free search engine result pages checker for keywords


  • AddText – quickly add a text to your images online!
  • ResizeImage – easily resize images in a snap & online
  • CopyScape – find out the duplicates on the internet (enter your URL)