VidCommissions Review

Have you heard of VidCommissions? This is a cool new app (you don’t have to install anything) that allows you to show other people’s videos inside your own mini membership site! Really cool idea 🙂

The process is really simple I recommend using VidCommissions for all newbies or less technically skilled marketers. If you’re stuck somewhere, there are detailed video tutorials that show you how to do this and that in a very precise manner!

I got also the up-sell with done-for-you setups, so I’ll show you how that looks like.

VidCommissions Member’s Area


I’m going to choose the Affiliate Marketing campaign. As you can see there are 3 different URLs for each campaign:

  • Squeeze page
  • Login & Register page
  • Content page

When you’re creating your campaigns from scratch, you’ll need to provide your settings by clicking on the Edit button. Since I got the done for you up-sell, I have a few campaigns already created for me.

That means there is certain number of YouTube videos in my campaigns and also some pre-installed banners for the monetization of this “mini site”.

I recommend using the Squeeze Page together with the rest of your content. It’s optional – but why not build your list along the way? Especially when AWeber (autoresponder service) is now free for up o 500 subscribers?

VidCommissions Squeeze Page


The page looks professional, and you can even change the template to something else if you  wish…

I get the form code from AWeber, so every time someone enters his/her email address, they will get on one of my autoresponder lists.

VidCommissions Register/Login Page

Right after the email is entered and the user/visitor clicks the “SUBMIT” button, he/she is taken to the “register/login” page that looks like this:


Again, this page is nicely laid out.

After registration, the user/visitor is taken to the actual mini membership site with all those videos you choose or in my case, the videos are already pre-loaded….

VidCommissions Inside The Mini Site Area


So how can you make money with these videos you’re getting from YouTube for free?

It’s simple, you can show affiliate banners inside the member’s area of you mini site.. or you can use even AdSense to show relevant ads! And, at the same time, you build your own list of subscribers.. so that you can send emails to them and earn commissions on your recommendations!

Check it out:


Those are the places with my affiliate links and banners… 3 places with potential to earn commissions! 🙂

If you want, you can go through the whole process yourself, to see the pages and the content of the mini site I showed you: sign up here and see the whole process

And if that’s something you’re interested in, get VidCommissions while the price is so low! There’s nothing to lose… try it. You won’t be disappointed, it’s easy to use and it’s effective 🙂

One additional thing…

OK, But Where to Get Traffic?

Well, you can get traffic by promoting your mini site on social media like Facebook, Facebook Pages & Groups, Twitter, Pinterest, or…….get the traffic as fast as possible by doing solo ads! Here’s a list of proven sellers if you’d like to go that route.

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Fred - July 24, 2020

Hi Marian,
My name is Fred. I am a 70-year-old man living in South Africa. I`m a pensioner and get a pension of $90 a month.
After I`v paid my rent of $50 there is not much left to see me through the month. My question to you? Is there some simple or esay way anyone can earn money online with no money or very little cost to me. Iam not very tech-savy when it comes to computers, yes I can send an email can copy and paste thats about it. I read a lot of articals on the internet about people making so much money on the internet. The problem is these programs always cost to much money, money I can`t afford given the position I`m in. If there is a way this can be done would you please be so kind and give me some details on how to go about doing this i could really do with some extra cash. Just a simple little program of some sort to make a few bucks. I am trying to learn the ins and outs of the computer to help myself understand how it all works I know it will take some time.
I would to thank you in advance should you be able to help in any wayposible.
Hope you have a good and stay safe.

    - July 31, 2020

    Hi Fred, thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate it.

    Now to your questions: yes, every serious online business needs to spend some money to make money. You have to have at least your own domain and your own web hosting. Then you need to invest either your time or many to promote your site and products. You can start the free way as well – but it’s only good for testing the waters…

    There are some free ways to earn money online, but you have to invest your time in doing that. For example when you promote affiliate products on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. However, you can’s just spam these platforms!

    Learn how to use them, there are tons of sites and YouTube videos on it.. and then be proactive, help other people with your knowledge and then recommend relevant products. Only then! Most of the affiliate programs are free to join – so there’s no expense there.

    I hope you at least got some ideas to start Fred 🙂
    Feel free to ask more if you need.



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