Vidnami OR Lumen5 OR InVideo?

In case you missed it, the team at Vidnami have just launched an all new Artificial Intelligence Engine into their video creation app! It’s so easy to use, even newbies can create new videos quickly!

If you want to check out the amazing results click here!

Now you may have heard of Lumen5 or InVideo (which are two other popular video creation platforms)

Well today I wanted to show you how Vidnami stacks up against the competition.

You see, it’s always a good idea to look at some side-by-side results to see which product is going to save you the most time, effort and money when creating videos.

Here’s a sentence from a recent video created by a law firm:

“Are you fed up with not being able to find motor vehicle accident plaintiffs?”

If you copy and paste this sentence into each of the video creation platforms here’s how they stack up…


Vidnami’s all-new AI Engine identifies the keyword “vehicle accident”, and intelligently selects the clip below which is a great match for the text.


If you plug the same sentence into Lumen5 it appears to identify the word “accident” and then chooses a video clip of an industrial accident.

This is clearly not as relevant which means you’d have to manually replace this clip.


And here’s the clip that InVideo selects…

I’m not sure what keyword they are using but as you can see their AI engine is still in its early days.

These results clearly show that Vidnami’s all new Artificial Intelligence Engine is in a class of its own.

And ultimately what this means for you – is that you can slash the time it takes to create videos for your business by using Vidnami.

So if you want to transform your business using video in 2021, click the THIS LINK to check out today’s massive AI update and discover how easy video marketing can really be!

This is a no-brainer and a keeper in my own business!

BONUSES: just for checking this out, you’re going to get access:

Enjoy! 🙂

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