Want More Traffic To Your Products & Services? Use Pinterest!

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Marian

How about FREE traffic?

Yes, I know… I know … that’s a ridiculous question.

Everyone needs high-quality traffic for their online business .. PERIOD!

And one very powerful method for getting traffic is using the 4th largest social media site on the planet: Pinterest!

There are currently 460 million active users on Pinterest and according to the Pinterest business section, 60% of those users start their product purchasing research on Pinterest!

But there is another important thing about Pinterest that a lot of people don’t realize and this really sets it apart from other networks.

Pinterest posts have a 3-month lifespan compared to Facebook’s 5-6 hours and Instagram’s 48 hours.

Twitter has the shortest lifespan of 15-20 mins.

This means your pins can receive engagement even after a year, especially if you optimize your content for maximum traffic.

Here is how!

Use top search phrases in your pin titles and descriptions as well as 2-5 related top hashtags.

In addition, make sure to include the main keyword in your Pinterest board name and description.

You can even insert your main keyword throughout your profile information to really spice up the SEO.

But, the big problem is trying to figure out the best keywords to use…

I have 2 great tips for software that solves this problem for you!


With Pininspector you can easily uncover those best keyword phrases in just seconds!

See the demo!

You can instantly see the current TOP TRENDING search phrases right now on Pinterest .. in REAL-TIME!

Meaning, this data is not stored in some database, it‘s coming directly from Pinterest in real-time.

There is currently no other software on the planet that reveals this data.

Not only that, you can pull 47 data points for every pin or video .. YEP -> FORTY-SEVEN!

It has never been easier to uncover the top-performing search phrases, pins, boards, pinners, and even spy on other people’s Pinterest ads!

Plus, using the unique “Browser & Scrape” tool, you can extract the data for all the ads you see inside your Pinterest feed!

Imagine knowing which ads get the most saves, repins, and reactions?

That is just PURE GOLD!

Pininspector details & more!


Inside Pinbank, the users will be able to get access to over 8+ modules + bonuses which teach them how to utilize Pinbank cloud based software, alongside the over the shoulder training, and 100+ Page Report guide and Template on getting Free Targeted Traffic from A Platform that has 500 Million Active Users, who 83% of them are buyers.

You’ll get all the tools and exact blueprint to build your own business online, or monetize this traffic for your websites, e-com stores, or your affiliate sites.

This will help any blogger, affiliate marketer, e-com store owner, get the right traffic back to their websites and blogs.

Pinbank details and more!

FREE download for readers of my blog: Pinterest Profits

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