Want Your Free Website Today?

My friends at free monthly websites just uploaded a new – completely monetized – website for us to download! This time it’s around “20 Income Boost Online Ideas – Create A New Income Stream Today“.

Let’s have a look at this wonderfully designed website:


You’re going to get 10 relevant articles on this topic, and all you need is to download the zip file with the site’s files and then upload the files to your web host!

Inside your admin area are all the settings, including affiliate and AdSense settings, and also a list building form. I recommend using just a basic shared hosting – for example BlueHost. Then you’ll need just their “file manager” to upload the files.


As you can see from the screenshot above, there are quite a few things you can modify. The most important things are (besides the admin settings): advert settings, affiliate settings and optin form settings!

You can display ads from either AdSense (if your site is approved) or ClickBank which I prefer and recommend. Also, do not forget to insert your autoresponder details, either AWeber or GetResponse.

In my case, I use AWeber autoresponder settings (list name and form number), AWeber is free for up to 500 subcribers by the way!

If you want, you can have a look at my site I just uploaded here: 20 Income Boost Online Ideas ,there’s nothing more to it, I can’t imagine easier way of having a full monetized website than this! 🙂

Seriously, just try it! There’s nothing to lose, the basic version of the site is totally free!(if you want you can upgrade your site & get even more features, it’s optional)

Note: the only thing you have to be careful about, they don’t keep the full archive of the sites to download! Only the last 2 of them. So download your site as soon as you can!

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