Why SiteGround Hosting Sucks!

I’ve been using several web hosts to host my numerous websites and blogs…for at least 15 years now! In 2016 I signed up for SiteGround hosting – Grow Big – and after 3 years I realized it’s “grow big” only in terms of renewal payments!

This is an invoice when I thought this new web hosting will be cool according all those great reviews and promising the best features, speed, uptime, backups, etc…

In 2016 my 1st invoice was for just 95.40 EUR. It went quite good so I renewed the web hosting service from SiteGround as my WordPress sites were loading without any issues.

In 2017 my invoice grew bigger and I paid 139.80 EUR. I thought since the sites are in good condition – it’s worth paying a little more….but.

In 2018 I already paid…


The invoice was for 155.40 EUR! Did the SiteGround hosting grew in terms of features or speed or anything?? On the contrary… look what I started to receive to my email inbox:

SiteGround quota warning

I reached the inode limit… and I received several notices of this kind. Now for a change I also received:


.. now I exceeded allowed number of CPU seconds! It never ever happened with HostGator (the other web hostingI have been using since about 2003!).

… and another warning:


I was limited not one time, but a few times for at least 1 calendar day! 🙁

Now: what’s your guess of renewal price for such a service?? Drum rolls please….


It’s 215.40 EUR for just ONE YEAR of this “spectacular” web hosting service!

Conclusion: BEWARE!

The more years you stay with SiteGround the more you pay!

In my case, from 2016 till 2019 – the difference was already 120 EUR!! (I paid 95.40 EUR in 2016 and I’m offered the same service for 215.40 EUR in 2019!) This is really unbelievable! My sites were not growing as much as the price for this unheard web hosting.

How much do you think I paid for web hosting at HostGator for the next 3 years? It was $150.44 for 3 years which makes around $50 per year!!

I used a coupon, but you can choose whatever plan they have, you can pay monthly, yearly, etc… or wait until they post some special coupons. You’ll pay less then at SiteGround and you won’t get the annoying notices about inodes, quotas, limitations, etc!

So if you’re looking for high quality web hosting, do NOT choose SG, go somewhere else – HostGator is a great choice! (or NameCheap.com has a good deal on web hosting plus they have great support too!).

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