Your First Email List
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All the training videos are below and there are tools and resources below each video to help you even further. We hope you enjoy the training and start building your first email list today!

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Video #1 - Overview

The video shows how to setup the simple system you will use to build your email list.

Video #2 - Creating Your Free Product

The video shows the various methods you can use to create your free product.

Video #3 - Creating Your Squeeze Page

The video shows how to create your squeeze page. The sites mentioned in the video are:

ClickFunnels - Professional squeeze page and funnel building software. - Hire someone to build your squeeze page from here.

GetResponse - An autoresponder that also offers squeeze pages you can use.

Bluehost - If you have a squeeze page made then you'll need a web host like Bluehost to host it.

Video #4 - Let's Talk About Traffic

The video shows how to use to drive traffic to your squeeze page.

Video #5 - Free Forum Traffic

The video shows how to get 100% free traffic from forums in your niche.

Video #6 - Traffic From Social Influencers

The video shows how to get traffic from people who already have thousands of followers. Site mentioned:

Shoutcart - One of the most popular sites for buying traffic from influencers.

Video #7 - Traffic From Facebook

The video shows how to get traffic from Facebook for free.

Video #8 - Email Followups

The video shows how to actually make money from your emails. Site mentioned: - Thousands of products you can promote as an affiliate.

Video #9 - Summary

The video summarises the entire training.
Hope you have enjoyed this training and it helps you to go and build your first email list!

Marian Krajcovic

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