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Instant Social Branding


I must admit I often forget (or just don't have time) to update my cover images especially on Facebook and Twitter - so they stay the same for a looong time! That's not a good thing when we want to build our brand! At least we should use professional images that look good and reflect […] Read More

Is VydioX For You? You Got To Be Kidding Me!


I'm sure you've already heard about VydioX I'm sure you'll notice that the software is presented like a fully automated 1-click cloud based solution. The thing is that it looks like it's an advantage to have this software running from cloud (inside your web browser) - but do you have complete control over it? No. […] Read More

Building a Business vs. Raising Money

Ten years ago, and certainly 15, this discussion would have been laughable. It's the 'debate' between building a business and just raising money. Of course, anyone raising money will tell you that they're actually building a business, and much of the time it's true, but there's still an important distinction to be made. These days, […] Read More

It’s Not 2003, Time To Improve Your Landing Pages

It happens all too often: You stumble upon a product to promote, or someone's personal website and it looks like it was created in 1999. You cringe and move on, and you know what sucks for that person? Their potential buyers and leads do as well. Everyone may think that their site is the special […] Read More

Small Things You Can Do To Make Your Clients Go Wild

So you've got your business up and running, whether that means freelance consulting, promoting affiliate products, or running a monetized online community, things are on the up and up. However, you know there's lots of other, more established competitors in your space… so how do you stand out and convince customers that switching to you […] Read More

How to Divide Up Your Day for Maximum Productivity

As an entrepreneur, it's far too easy to find yourself a bit disorganized and losing time throughout the day. As many people grow up and begin their work under the dynamic of a boss-employee relationship, it can be easy to have a bit of a crisis when first learning to self-manage. Unfortunately, that's a mistake […] Read More

InstaNiche Review – Who Is It For?


If you have not seen it's being heavily promoted, I have a few words for you! First of all, here what InstaNiche is all about and what will it do for its customers, taken from their official site: Step 1 - Research You simply select from our proven list of hot niches available (250+ different […] Read More

Your Own Photo Sharing Site?

This is one fantastic WP theme that allows to quickly create a stock image photo sites! You can monetize such sites with multiple opportunities, from displaying affiliate banners to for example AdSense. Here's what PixelStock Builder is all about: Create a Fully Profitable Photo Sharing Site in 5 Minutes (Dead-Easy installation) Make Money From Each […] Read More