Making Money With AdSense… Avoid This!

No matter what: avoid sending bad traffic to your sites and blogs! Or do everything you can to avoid “click bombing” on your AdSense ads! I’ve been earning with AdSense for many years.. but from time to time I get this weird stats in my control panel: … and a few minutes later: As you […]

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Fastest Unlimited, Lifetime Hosting, One-Time Fee?!

I must admit, I thought this is a joke! 🙂 How can I get a one-time fee web hosting and on top of that – it’s a high speed one? Why the prices of for example HostGator, SiteGround or even Name Cheap when I compare them to this? Why do they charge $XX per month?? […]

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Profitable Sites in 90 Seconds? Buildzy Review

If you’d like to build your blogs filled with highly relevant quality content, this brand-new plugin can help! It’s called Buildzy, it’s easy to use and I’ve tested it myself. First, let me tell you a few details: Front End: Buildzy Price: $17-$29.99  WordPress plugin that builds money-making sites by automatically curating videos and news from […]

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