Email Click Magnets? I Know Where You Can Save!

Just recently there was a new software launched that takes a YouTube video and turns it into an animated GIF file. You can then put the GIF file into your email – and I’m sure it’ll get you much more clicks to the link than without using it.

The new software is called Click Magnet v2 and costs more than $30… if you use coupon: save10 and you’ll get it for around $24 at the time of writing this.

But I remembered I used something similar for my own projects and found out that Tube GIF Converter does basically the same but for a price of just around $15!

For the demonstration purposes, here’s a little intro video I made and published on YouTube:

I launched the Tube GIF Converter and here’s the animated GIF I made:


Would you believe that above is just an animated GIF file??

You can control frame rate, size of the “video”, and a few other controls… and sure, you can import right from YouTube or select local video file in your PC.

Now imagine how many more clicks you can get by including your animated GIF files that came from your videos? 🙂

It’s worth checking out. It’s more about your personal preferences: Tube GIF Converter vs Click Magnet v2.

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