MailZingo – What’s Good About It?

This new piece of email marketing software was just released – it’s called MailZingo! In fact, I’ve seen quite a few similar tools released in the last 2 years.. and I think from this category of autoresponders – MailZingo looks like a winner…


it also has its own downs – but first let me give you some PROS of the software:

  • it’s self hosted – you have complete control over it
  • it’s unlimited (when you grab the PRO version)
  • your emails go straight to the subscriber’s inbox (which is not the case when sending emails through Aweber, GetResponse, etc.)
  • you pay just once and save lots!

But pay special attention to its CONs

  • it’s restricted to the rules of your hosting email policy – i.e. how many emails you can send per hour, your web hosting spam complaints policy…
  • you can be shut down (even your site) when someone complains about your email to be SPAM…
  • it has less features and options than Aweber, GetResponse and other similar services

So is this for you? Is this a complete replace of let’s say Aweber? I don’t think so.

But I can imagine I could use it for some of my special offers that need to be sent straight to the subscriber’s inbox – because I really hate the TABs Google put in the email inboxes!

Here’s a page with MailZingo Bonuses – please use coupon: earlybird30 to get the launch discount on MailZingo PRO.

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