Million Dollar Toolbox? It’s NOT!

If you’ve received some promotion for Million Dollar Toolbox – you may be surprised by this little review! First I found the sales video at the top quite entertaining, because Glynn opens the envelope with a Clickbank check inside… so it’s a nice surprise for him to see the amount he earned for the last period 🙂


I understand you can have the check in your hand physically, although I have my Clickbank earnings deposited directly into my bank account. It was nice!

But be aware!

You’ll actually find NO information specifically for earning BIG with ClickBank inside this toolbox! I was not impressed to find just a basic information in videos. But they didn’t forget to put the affiliate links to programs they promote 🙂 – one of them they recommend you sign up costs $37 per month.

Without revealing the details, here’s what are the videos about:

  • introduction
  • the offer they recommend to sign up for 37 per month (not ClickBank)
  • landing page (they recommend clickfunnels)
  • link tracking (they recommend clickmagick)
  • autoresponder (sendlane)
  • your funnel (again no ClickBank product)
  • email sequence
  • getting traffic (again, their own links)
  • outsourcing
  • done for you campaign (you need to pay them for it)

In conclusion, I think the sales page video and information is kind of misleading. Do NOT expect you’ll be given some new tips to promote selected ClickBank products, do NOT expect it’s a formula for getting those huge CB checks!

It’s a just a basic video series on something that is obvious for any intermediate or advanced marketer. Perhaps it’s more for newbies – but also in this case, there are many similar products on the market today and some of them are even better. That’s my honest opinion.

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