What’s The Best EXIT Pop Up for WordPress?

For years I’ve been using Dave Guindon’s Exit Splash to exit my traffic and I can tell you it’s one of the best solutions yet. But as times go by, and the WordPress blogs pop up, there are many other solutions released.

And of course, there are quite a few plugins that try to do this job more or less successfully.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

The first real exit pop up plugin I’ve used is Exit Cash Machine by Matthew McDonald. (unfortunately it’s not for sale anymore). I liked it especially when version 2 was released.

That  was the version that secretly loaded up the page in the background Рso not only your visitors saw the message box Рbut they instantly saw your offer under the message box!

That’s why I pleasantly surprised that another plugin that was just released not only does this exact job – but on top of that – it even animates the pages under the message box!


Go ahead and get all the details on Exit Traffic Takeover by Mark Hess.

The best thing about using the EXIT pop ups is that they don’t require much effort from your side and they use the traffic you already received to show another (your or affiliate) offer or anything else like free downloads or a squeeze page.

It really can boost your income and power up your list building process!


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