Commission Creator – Deal Of The Days or Scam Of The Day(s)? Read To Find Out…

Commission Creator was just rewarded as The Deal Of The Day on WarriorPlus! It may seem like a great product when awarded, right? Read more to find out… don’t be shocked or …?


If I have too much time, I’d write every other day a review on so called The Deal Of The Day – and would tell you some details most of the newbies (beginners) aren’t aware of!

Unfortunately I don’t have much time,  so when a product I get my hands on – is released and I happen to buy it or have a review access to it.. I’ll do my best to inform you.

Commission Creator grabbed my attention because I’m always in the look out for complete affiliate systems – I have too many domains I can use it for… that is if it worked like they say it would!

Now let’s forget the sales page full of hype… it became “normal” these days with almost every product that is launched on WarriorPlus!


The screenshots of earnings are not coming from this product – nor the statement on profitable affiliate business in 60 seconds flat is true! Actually. Far from it!

You’re not going to earn this:


The problem with almost all such affiliate site’s creators is this:

  • the site is hosted on their domain & web host!
  • you don’t have complete control over what’s happening on their side
  • they may stop supporting the site in whole!
  • their support sucks – or is not existent at all
  • you can’t have serious business when the site is not yours
  • the review and articles on the site created with the system/tool/app is not unique!
  • you’re (very) limited what you can do with the site

Buy this type of affiliate site creator has also ONE BIG reason that will confirm IT DOESN’T WORK…read further down below…

Have a look, here’s my Commission Creator demo site:


You can see there are reviews and some place for banners, logo, etc.. nothing spectacular.

But would you have published reviews that are not even unique?

This leads to my finding… here’s a place where you enter your affiliate information so you get paid when someone buys with your link:


There’s a place for JVZoo ID – it’s ok, there’s a place for ClickBank ID – it’s ok…BUT

there’s also place for WarriroPlus ID so that you can earn commissions when someone buys a product launched on WarriorPlus network/marketplace with your link. Only that WarriorPlus DOES NOT WORK like JVZoo or ClickBank!

If I enter 1160 as my WarriorPlus affiliate ID and the link published on Commission Creator leads to a product on WarriorPlus – my link that now includes “1160′ will do nothing for me! I won’t earn any commission!

Here’s what they say about creating your affiliate link on WarriorPlus:


To check who will earn a commission on a WarriorPlus product from this Commission Creator site let’s have a look and let’s see who it is…

(the site and the product is here: when you click it and click the buy button it has my affiliate id in the link “1160” – this is the buy button link:

… but when you try to buy it – see who is the actual referrer that get’s the commission?! 


The affiliate who referred the potential customer is ref id: 42775 (yveskouyo)!

The Big Reveal

I will NOT earn anything! The only person who will earn commissions is yveskouyo!
Ok, but who is this person you may ask??

It’s one of the authors of Commission Creator!!! 🙂


What Do You Think?

You may have a few questions about it.. and to tell you the truth this practice is used very often…may I try to shock you even more??! 🙂

See how many people fell for this scam:


Yes, more than 1,000 people have bought this piece of sh..t!

  • WarriorPlus doesn’t care.. and it even won the Deal Of The Day!!!
  • the marketers who put out the “honest” reviews do NOT care!!!
  • YouTube reviewers do NOT care!

Now take a look at the leaderboards for this product, I’m sorry for the people that are on these marketer’s lists and wasted their money:


(complete list is here)

… and a few “honest”., “real”… aka FAKE reviews with BS:

guys from


guys from


…see “no cons found!” 🙂



…plus a few YouTube “reviews”:


Well, I’m not going to spend more time on this how you call it yourself: scam, a rip off, waste of money, etc… I regret and I’m sorry for all the people who bought this.. and I only wish they get a fast refund as THIS is NOT going to make them any commissions!

About the author: Marian

What would you do with an extra $300 or more per month - coming in month after month - as the result of 'working' less than 10 minutes per day online? Perhaps it is time to get started now!

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  1. I requested to promote this product and was granted. While preparing my review, I went on Youtube to hear what other reviewers had to say. Two of them, Mike from Maine and Art Flair, whom I really trusted for honest reviews said it’s a good product.

    I was about to purchase it to do an in-depth review.

    But then I saw a review that revealed many of the CONS, similar to this review, and I decided not to promote it. I am not going to promote a product just for the commissions, knowing it is all a scam. My conscience rules my actions and not the other way around.

    So now I know I cannot trust the reviews from Mike from Maine and Art Flair any longer.

    Thank you Marian for your honest review.

    Carlos Smart

    1. Thanks Carlos, it’s very sad what’s going on on this industry! I even contacted some known marketer – and his response was like “…oh..I ddin’t realize it..”… so basically they’re promoting the “great” stuff even before they really tried themselves and saw what’s going on!


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